Migraines and Meditations

I suffer from migraines. I have since high school but they have plundered my world and my poor little head with regularity since my 20’s … and have intensified even more since I gave birth to Shortstack. I don’t have the vocabulary scope to express the venom with which I despise my migraines. They have the power to scoop out every ounce of enjoyment that my days and life give me. When one explodes, the destruction that it wreaks on my brain and body is inexplicable. Often, I feel them build … they creep up my spine and into my shoulders, trying to silently infiltrate my neck and skull without notice. They think that I won’t notice. They think that I am not aware enough to notice the approach of this mortal enemy of mine. And I do not use the words “mortal enemy” lightly.

My family has a history of hereditary history of females dying young thanks to cerebral hemorrhages. And many of those ladies also suffered from migraines very similar to mine. Now, I get that having a similar medical history does not mean that there is an existing medical predictor of what is or may come. But it is scary. For me and for my family. When the migraines hit, Panda, my sister and my father … and even myself …  tend to have a bit of an issue with the fear level. And so, I have been trying to find ways to minimize the number of migraines and mitigate their intensity. My caffeine and alcohol consumption have been decrease (the caffeine was MUCH tougher than the alcohol). I use my reading glasses more often. I drink more water. I stretch more. I try to move more. I force myself to get up and away from the computer screen more often. I get in the water more. And I try to limit the number of pills I take for them … right now, mainly because the Rx that I have for my migraines usually have a sickening effect on me when I’m already feeling crappy. Not a good combo.

I battled fiercely with my migraine this past Sunday. I raided my arsenal of countermanuevers. I woke up, sat in silence, drank coffee, took myself for a beachwalk, soaked up the sun, took some Ibu, stretched, drank water, allowed my wife to dig her elbow into my shoulder (literally – ouch!), took a cat nap (or two), ate fruit, drank more water. Panda noticed that the migraine was starting to win the battle and so she got me down to the beach so I could (hopefully) float the damn migraine away. It worked for a bit. But, alas, when we were finally loaded up and on our way home, the migraine won. And it took me down for the count. I don’t think I’ve recently mentioned how amazing it is to have a wife who selflessly and completely loves me to the point or irrational protection. Thank god for that! And thank god she can read me without words. I tend to get stubborn and insistent of battling through when my migraines begin to win the battle. For some reason, I have this churning need to not give in to these damn migraines … as if it is a show of weakness or defeat. *sigh* I’m learning.

But the weekend wasn’t all a migraine battle. There were moments of blissful meditation.

my beachwalk companions
healing waters

We picked up our first SUP on Saturday. I stayed out of the way as my wife and father-in-law loaded it on the car.

load it up!

We had drinks … oh! and dinner with my soul sister 

usually with a bottle of wine
usually with a bottle of wine

And then we closed out the weekend at the beach …

soulful art
soulful art
LOVE my aussie family!
LOVE my aussie family!  still playing with the panoramic function on my phone

238 244

counting our blessings and enjoying our life!
counting our blessings and enjoying our life!

Well, my peeps, here’s to hoping that this holiday week is filled with blessings to count and moments to enjoy.





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