It’s been a rough night. Sleep and rest eluded me all night. My tummy was in knots. My mind has been running a million miles a minute through all the possible and impossible, likely and unlikely ways that SCOTUS could rule.

About 3:45, Panda and I both got out of bed … we both knew that sleep wasn’t going to happen and the 4 AM (10 AM Washington DC time) deadline was creeping up on us. As we sat in front of our tv, listening to the commentary on gay marriage and the two cases before SCOTUS – DOMA and Prop 8 –  our nerves were tightrope-taut.

As we watched the news coverage, the crowds in front of the court were radiating nervous energy. All the while, Panda and I were on our phones, searching for any clue as to the SCOTUS decision (sidenote – it is AMAZING what social media can do and how immediate information travels around this world!). Within moments, the first posts started popping up – “DOMA Unconstitutional,” “Gay Marriage Victory” – and on and on. I think Panda and I forgot to breathe for a few minutes. Could we really be witnessing this monumental victory for civil rights?

I curled up next to my wife, clutching her hand, tears running down my face and saying over and over again, “baby! baby! we won! we WON!”

For those disappointed with SCOTUS’ decisions on DOMA and Prop 8, well, to be honest, I don’t have much nice to say to you. I can and will say that – in truth – this isn’t about or for you. The decisions rendered today are about and for a marginalized population that has lived with institutionalized and codified discrimination for generations. And now, for the first time, our federal government is recognizing and upholding our rights as equal citizens under the law. So, sit down and shut up. If you want to spout your religious righteousness, do it elsewhere.

For my friends and family that celebrate with and for us, thank you for your constant and unwavering support. As many of you know, these decisions immediately and directly impact us … we are not only a LGBTQ-headed family, we are also a bi-national couple. Being granted full federal rights in a recognized marriage opens significant doors for us and we are overwhelmed with the possibilities ahead.

It is a historic day. One that we are so honored to witness. We are looking forward to the path ahead.



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