Technicolor Skies

sunset1 sunset2 sunset3 sunset4Panda and I have been taking advantage the freedom that a child-less house allows us during the summer months. We have the pack-it-up, take-it-all-to-the-beach process down to a science. After the wonderful chaos of our reunion week, Panda and I needed some us-time to just sit and re-center. I find it quite funny that we both have jobs that demand constant interpersonal interaction, we both adore our friends and love connecting to and with them, but we also both crave time to retreat into our respective and collective quiet shells and allow our minds and souls long moments of quiet.

We made our way down to Queen’s beach one evening, toting the hibachi and a mish-mash of random food stuffs to throw on the grill. We set up our chairs, poured ourselves a beverage and just sat. We people-watched, we chatted about the reunion and the family, we stared off into the distance. We recollected ourselves and our energy. And then we witnessed one of the most magnificent sunsets. These pictures were all taken with Panda’s iPhone. None of them have been altered or enhanced in any way. I promise. What you see is the simple insane awesomeness of mother nature.

We know how amazing our life in Hawai’i is. We know that the sacrifices that we make in order to live here are often large but so worthy. We know that we have the opportunity to live a life so rich and blissful and not at all dependent upon a well-padded bank account. And we thank our angels for every one of these blissfully-filled minutes with one another and in this little slice of paradise.



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