Damn Skippy I’m Proud!

In honor and respect of the Stonewall riots of 1965, LGBT pride is celebrated in June of each year. Across the country, many cities gather and host Pride festivals in support and recognition of the LGBTQ community. Pride hit the streets of Waikiki this weekend. As always, Pride is usually quite a party. If there’s one thing that the LGBTQ community does well, it’s celebrate! You see – as a community – we have a history riddled with persecution, discrimination, murder, abuse, neglect, abuse, hatred – all of which LGBTQ people still face. And so, when we have the opportunity to celebrate anything, I think we try to take full advantage of it. No one enjoys living a life of difficulty, and I believe that humanity is hard-wired to search for and embrace the joy in life and our experiences in this crazy world … so, celebrate we must!

Panda and I headed down to our local favorite LGBTQ-friendly bar on Friday evening to grab a drink and some pupus. When our little man is away from us, we have the chance to indulge in some alone time. If we can rally the energy after our crazy work days, we seize the opportunity to go out on mini-dates – grab a cocktail and take our time chatting. Mostly, we just bask in the luxury of being together – sometimes, just sitting in the silence of us is the most comforting way to spend an hour. Anyhow, that was our big going-out Pride celebration … let’s face it, Panda and I are not the biggest party people around. In fact, our bedtime is usually right around 8:30 … so, the big ‘ole Pride celebration simply wasn’t in the works for us. Besides, we had an 8 AM soccer game – the last one that Panda needed to coach (there was a lot of celebration after that!) – and we wanted to get out of Waikiki before the craziness of the parade and party started. It’s not that we don’t want to celebrate Pride … we just have our own way of celebrating … and demonstrating PRIDE in being who we are and the family that we have.

Our every day life is our demonstration of our pride. We live. We love. We go to our jobs and do our work. We raise our child. We call each other “wife.” We have pictures of our family displayed in our offices. We hold hands when we are out and about (well, that’s if there isn’t a little boy between us holding both of our hands … not that we’re complaining!). We’ve established shared accounts. We muddle through the daily details. We close our eyes next to each other in bed. We endure and thrive as a family despite a society that fails to recognize our legitimacy of what we possess and continue to nurture.

So, please don’t judge any of us LGBTQ peeps if we’re not down the street paryting loud and proud to celebrate Pride … please know and recognize that the most eloquent and definitive declarations of pride by any LGBTQ community member is the way we live our daily lives – when we are not shadowed or fearful of showing you who we are and how we live. When, in fact, we invite you to share and know our lives, our families, our struggles and our celebrations. And – if you’re in search of a party, please don’t hesitate to find the nearest Pride celebration and join in. We always appreciate the support and aloha … and, honey … let me tell you … we KNOW how to party!

my pride. my joy. my very breath. my heartbeats. MY FAMILY!
my pride. my joy. my very breath. my heartbeats. MY FAMILY!

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