our new normal

the little man left this past weekend for a 6-week visitation in AZ. departures are NEVER easy, but this one was particularly difficult. grandma and papa escorted him to phoenix, so mama panda and i had the hard task of saying good-bye at the airport. oh, the tears fell and our hearts were pummeled. we watched as our shortstack made it through security and as grandma held his hand and he waved at us through the security doors with tears rolling down his cheeks. and then we retreated into an empty elevator and cried our own tears with a vengeance. and then we went home.

the adjustment from our family being together and the daily chaos that reigns throughout most of the year to just two mamas rambling around in the house always feels as if life just gave a big ‘ole hiccup and shook everything out of its normal placidity. we silently search for a new rhythm … we create a new normal for these brief 6 weeks when our family is disrupted.

this time around, i have been pulled to adding beach walks into my new normal. due to a very early webchat this morning, i found myself – at 5:30 AM – with time on my hands and the creeping fingers of light stretching over from the east side. panda was trying to get a few more minutes of shut eye before the day began so i ushered myself out of the house and down to the beach for some quiet.

DHmoonthe moon hadn’t set yet …

sunpeekingbut the sun was starting to rise …


the trees were relaxed in the morning sky …

sandcrabthe sand crabs were busy doing whatever sand crabs do … but this one thought that he’d take me on in a staring contest. i won. of course.


the sun path was my favorite hue of golden mango over the water …

sandytoesmy soul feels most grounded when my toes are in squishy sand … and the exfoliation doesn’t hurt either.

AMshellsi found shells that i know shortstack would love. when i’m thinking … or trying not to … i am most at ease with a shell in hand that i can run my fingers over. they always remind me that there are patterns and cycles in life …

our new normal is not easy to sink into. whenever one of our little family is not at home, the ones left behind feel the absence – in our routine, our rhythm, our arms … but, well, we suck it up. so, for me, in these next 6 weeks i plan to indulge in the all the little soul-serving rituals that usually get pushed to the side when we’re all in mama-family-daily-routine mode.

here’s to hoping that all of you are enjoying your normal … and if you’re not, think about finding a new one. sometimes change ain’t such a bad thing …


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