coping skills

9 days. 9 days until our little man is apart from us for 6ish weeks. this is usually a hard time for this mama. and this time around is no exception.

its a fact of life as a nontraditional (i HATE using this term as there really is no such thing as “traditional” family any longer) family. shortstack is going to spend time with his AZ family. and that leaves 6ish weeks for his mamas to have some down time. unfortunately, leading up to his departure and while he is gone, our coping skills are tested.

we’re a close family. we enjoy each other and we are usually in one another’s pockets all the time. when one of us is gone, the other two feel that absence keenly.

so, we try to find ways to soak each other in and prep ourselves for the absence of one of our heartbeats for a short time.

we hold hands… there are a lot of cuddles that happen these few weeks leading up to the departure …
2013-05-11 13.27.15

we take a lot of silly-together pictures to hold us over for 6ish weeks …2013-05-14 16.24.03

we re-acquaint ourselves with other places of comfort and peace … this is mine. welcome to my beach. yep, you read that right … all mine! well, not really. i know how to share. well – i’m learning how to share. but i’ll share my beach. i promise!2013-05-15 08.24.43

we collect recent favorites – pictures and memories – and surround ourselves with those to last us the 6ish weeks that we’re not together.2013-05-15 11.15.53and we thank our angels that we are lucky enough to have each other and we ask our angels to hold all of us in their arms when we are not able to do so ourselves.


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