Beanies, Blankets and Blessings

Life has been forcing me to be conservative in my feelings, reactions and thoughts lately. There have a been a lot of not-major-or-dramatic-or-horrific challenges for me and the family lately. There hasn’t been any tragedies or horrendous events … it has just been the everyday grind and the daily routine that has been closing in on Panda and I. The day-in-and-day-out of going to a job that is draining. The everyday struggle to keep myself positive and engaged can suck the life and the enjoyment out of you. And so I have had to consciously choose how to expend much of my mental and emotional energy. This is difficult for me; I’ve realized that I am not the most optimistic person that I know. I am not 100% certain I would call myself pessimistic, but I definitely do not think that every situation is going to resolve itself in a rosy manner. On the other hand, I do believe that there is a reason and a purpose and a lesson-to-be-learned from everything that does happen in this life. I believe that the timing of opportunities is often fortuitous, but we make decisions as we move through our days that affect the paths that are open to us and those that are hidden. Right now, the lay of the land and the path options for me seem very shrouded in fog. It’s a frustrating place to be. And so I crochet. And read. And hug the Shortstack. And cook. And eavesdrop on the lives of amazing people through their cyber-world portals (aka blogs).

In the spirit of Yarn Along (thank you, Ginny from Small Things) … I’m finishing up another baby blanket; this one is for Panda’s Orthopedic surgeon. As she just had her 11th surgery on the same knee … and it was successful (fingers crossed – she’s still healing and it is feeling a bit different from before) … and her doc is a very patient and skilled MD … and he and his wife are expecting their first baby … well, I figured that was as good a reason as any to make another baby blanket. Blanket #1 made it’s way to our Cali friend. Thankfully the color choices were appreciated (apparently they were Dodger’s colors) even if they weren’t gender-neutral. I have one more baby blanket in mind to make for the director of Shortstack’s afterschool program. Other than that, I’ve been turning out beanies like nobody’s business. There’s something so rewarding about sitting down for an hour and change and creating a finished product that is usable, comfortable and looks damn good on my favorite peeps. So … Uncle D and Aunty Reech have their custom-made beanies waiting for them. I tried a new beanie pattern with a brim for the shortstack and … welll … ummm … not quite a hit. the brim sits wrong and it just doesn’t work. So I told Shortstack to turn it around and wear it on the back side.

P1000045After inserting this picture into this post, I realize just how much I need to sit down with the manual for our {new} camera (THANK YOU, Aunty Kylie!!) so I can figure it out in all its coolness before we head down under in December.

Ahhhh … books! I’ve picked up one of my wisdom go-to’s: Gift from the Sea. With my efforts to consciously find a better mental and emotional plane to try to maintain my sanity, I have been feeling the need to revisit this book filled with wise and thoughtful words. I also picked up this young adult novel, Rules. I am one chapter in and am blown away by the writing and the story and the characters. LOVE IT!

That’s my Wednesday … hoping that you all are in a good space …



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