Yarn Along & Wednesdays

Wednesday mornings leave much to be desired. I’ve managed to get two days of the week under my belt … but the weekend is not quite in sight. Wednesdays mean staff meetings and soccer practice. It means leftovers or throw-it-together dinners. It also means that when the shortstack gets tucked in at night, our weekend plans become family priorities and we can start winding down the stress level for the rest of the week. Over the past two months, Wednesday has also meant that I need to have a plan of action for my yarn obsession for the weekend. You see, I’ve found MY yarn store. Lucky me … it is located in the office building next to mine – so definitely easy access for quick lunch hours (well, usually 15 minutes) to pick up the yarn I am hunting for my next projects … or choosing yarn just because the day is a bit of a crazy mess and I need a little treat for my eyes to cheer me up. Yes, my supplier is Sue from Isle Knit – it’s official, I’m an addict. And Sue, oh Sue, she is feeding the yarn addiction beyond reason. YAY for me … oh, my poor wife!

P1000033For today’s Yarn Along, I’m sharing the baby blanket I started last night. I have been so obsessed with beanies lately – they have been a hit with friends and family and I enjoy making them – but we have a friend expecting a baby this summer and I wanted to push my boundaries again and start working out deciphering a new pattern. So, after spending far too many hours perusing Ravelry, I found this ripple pattern baby blanket that I am hoping I will be able to master … well, maybe I should focus on just muddling through right now. I’ve made it through the first 4 rounds and then … well … and then. **sigh** I am chalking up my inability to figure out the start of round 5 to the ice-cream-induced coma that overtook me last night after I indulged in hagen-dasz’s ice cream bar because the day went to crap at work. OR it could be that I am still crochet pattern novice and I need to practice reading the patterns and thus it isn’t second nature yet. But that excuse just seems to logical. I like the ice-cream-coma one … I’ll stick with that.

As for reading … I’m not – at least for right now. It’s that time in the semester where we’re making sure that our graduating students will be able to -you know – actually graduate. So, there are files on my desk that have been sucking up my time and energy and reading is the last thing I want to do right now. But my AM cyber-surfing of my favorite blogs keeps me connected and inspired. I have also been fairly good at keeping a promise to myself to touch my writing at least a couple of times a week. Amazingly, coming to this screen with no expectations except to show up has helped me. I can’t say that anything I have put down onto the “page” has meaning or purpose … but sooner or later it will … or it may … or it may not. Whatever. At least I am showing up.

So … THANK YOU, Ginny at Small Things, for inviting all of us to join you in your Yarn Along adventures.

Here’s to hoping that y’all have a spiffy Aloha Wednesday!



2 thoughts on “Yarn Along & Wednesdays

    1. thank you for your encouragement! round 5 is joined … it’s not too pretty, but it’s joined.
      i LOVE the proximity of my yarn supplier … but i’m pretty sure my wife and our bank account aren’t so happy about it =)
      i noticed that you’re in australia … my wife is from there and we’ll be making our first trip in december – we are SOOO EXCITED about that upcoming adventure!

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