Alive and Kicking

WaikSunset1Life has been chugging along … and it’s been hard to come up for air between the days of insanity. At the end of the day, I often feel as if I’ve been slamming my head against a lava-rock wall. Usually Panda and I can look at each other and send up a little prayer of thanks that we both have jobs … but sustaining ourselves professionally when we’re both in positions that are draining and overwhelmingly frustrating get difficult to carry on. So, at the close of last week we both needed a jolt to our system so we headed down to Waikiki beach for an impromptu bbq with the cousins. Shortstack and Mama Panda threw the football around a bit but the water could not be ignored and, of course, Shortstack found his way down to the beach and jumping the waves. It wasn’t long before he made his way up the sand – teeth chattering, skinny body quivering and lips turning all shades of blue. Some grilling, chatting with the aunties, throwing the ball around (this time with this mama … and,I must say that I’m not all that bad at it !).  For the mamas, we were able to take a breath and just take a moment to forget all the shit of the week.

It’s only Tuesday, and I find myself needing that breathing space again.

Here’s to you, my peeps, keep your shit-waders on, your chins up and know that Friday is just around the corner!


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