Yarn Along


I love short weeks – I do! But I am thoroughly baffled as to why short weeks never fail to feel very long when I get back into the office. I probably shouldn’t spend too much time mulling that over because I think the answer will simply make me feel more restless and frustrated – at least professionally speaking.

These past two years in my professional life have taught me some unbelievably valuable lessons especially about finding, creating, sustaining happiness and fulfillment in your career – and persevering through the troughs of unhappiness in your career. Because, let’s face it, the likelihood of you always being 100% fulfilled, happy, challenged, purposeful and passionate about your job 100% of the time is slim. If you are … well, kudos to you and could you please write a handy-dandy manual for the rest of us to put to use so that we can emulate your good fortune?

As I entered 2013, will no change in sight for me professionally, I consciously tried to shift my internal focus to the little things that make my soul smile and help me to feel purposeful. To my wife’s chagrin and my son’s constant entertainment, crochet has become a primary outlet for creativity and productivity in my life lately. I am a novice crocheter … thanks to a family friend who is famous for her crocheted beanies and projects that she bestows on her favorite peeps in UH Athletics and beyond, I finally gathered up the nerve to pick up a crochet hook and dive into the ridiculously addictive universe of yarn. OH MY! OH MY!! I wish someone had introduced me to the yarn universe earlier – so many colors and textures and types from so many places and manufacturers … talk about a balm to my creatively-starved soul! And do I started out with crocheting squares – with no purpose in particular. I wanted to master a few of the “simple” foundational stitches. I wanted to find comfort in holding the hook and the yarn (oh lord – THAT was a hoot! For the longest time I couldn’t figure out how to hold this mass of yarn and to measuredly feed the yarn into my project at a rate that would work for my hook pace). I wanted to discover the rhythm of crocheting simple rows and eventually found my rhythm of working the yarn and hook. As I mastered one stitch, I google-searched my way through another and another and another. I won’t say I’ve mastered them yet, but I can confidently say that I am learning to master many of the foundational stitches, I’m becoming more familiar with how to read and decipher crochet patterns, I’ve enjoyed exploring the various types of yarns and their qualities which also means that I’ve branched out on my resources for yarn – exploring the few local stores that cater to knitters and crocheters and yarn whores alike, as well as browsing through some online sites that I’ve bookmarked for future shopping adventures. Yes! I have become a crocheter! And I LOVE it!

Recently I discovered Ginny’s Small Things blog. I love her pictures and the snippets that she shares from her life and family. her reality is so different from mine and, well, I’m a curious woman … what can I say? It’s one of the many reasons that I love browsing through my daily reel of favorite blogs that I visit while I down my first mug of AM coffee. Ginny’s Yarn Along project captured me right away! Anything that combines two of my favorite obsessions deserves some love and attention from me!

So here’s a peek at what I’ve been working on …

YarnAlong1A few of our favorite peeps are heading to cold country for a skiing and snowboarding vacation. I, of course, want them to be warm and cozy, but I am also always looking for a reason to work on mastering new skills, stitches and patterns. I found this beanie pattern on Ravelry (OMG! another new addiction!) and have been obsessive about making them in as many different yarns as I can lay my hands on. Each yarn gives the beanie a different shape and fall and movement. I LOVE IT!! So, this is the 3rd rendition of the slouch beanie for our mainland-bound friends.

As for books … oh! I am an addict. I have always been a book addict, but the addiction has definitely worsened since the last half of 2012 when I realized that I needed to relish in simple pleasures in life that were non-work-related. And so I’ve been blissfully buried under an avalanche of different books to lose myself in. Also, I’m one of those readers that baffle my wife: without fail, I have at least three books going at the same time. For the past couple of months, I find myself re-reading Anne Rice’s books from the 80s and 90s. I think I know why I’ve been drawn to them lately but, that is another pondering that I’m not quite ready to give voice to. I am also re-reading the Percy Jackson series; this choice is definitely shortstack-inspired! As his reading skills improve on a daily basis and his own obsession with books continues to manifest, I am moved to find books that I think he will enjoy as he gets older. At the start of this year, I started reading chapters of the first Percy Jackson book to him sporadically. I have always been fascinated and impressed with youth fiction – the authors are often so skilled at crafting a story that is exciting, well-developed, engaging and purposeful. After all, kids and teens don’t usually have the longest attention spans, so many youth fiction authors become masters of storytelling. Rick Riordan is a perfect example of a master author. His stories and characters interest me and grab me and are perfect mind-filling distractions for the end of the day.

So, for this my first offering for my new Yarn Along adventure. I’m looking forward to seeing what the next year brings as I dive into new projects and indulge in other books.

Happy hump day, my peeps!


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