for some reason, holiday weekends seem to speed past us much more quickly than normal weekends.

it was a 3-day weekend for us … well, mostly. this mama had to put in some saturday hours (the start of a semester is always a bit demanding) but, other than that, we had an extra day of extra enjoyment.

on friday evening, we did a little exploring at I’olani Palace and the Honolulu Museum of Art. along with the Bishop Museum, the palace and the art museum teamed up to open their doors for an evening of exploration. our membership to the Bishop Museum allowed us to get in free (SO MANY perks to annual family memberships at museums, zoos, etc!). it was the first time that shortstack had a chance to see what was inside the I’olani Palace and for us to start the conversation with him about Hawaiian history and the rich heritage and culture of his home state as a former independent kingdom. it was thrilling for me to revisit this historical landmark that is truly awesome and awe-inspiring. we live in a state that has such a complex and culturally-textured history but we do not often see how that complexity and richness of the past impacts the world we inhabit in the present. of course, shortstack was fascinated by the king’s swords, but he also had and asked some interesting questions of the palace docents. have i mentioned lately how much i LOVE seeing our little man’s personality develop and i LOVE that he has questions – and that he’s not afraid to ask them!


we hopped on the shuttle (free one, mind you. yes, family events like this rock!) and headed over to the Honolulu Museum of Art. i thought that it would be shortstack’s first time at the art museum, but he reminded me that his AWESOME kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Riddick, took them on a field trip to the museum. when we arrived to the art museum, shortstack was immediately hypnotized watching a group of tahitian dancers. okay, yes, this mama needs to figure out how to come to terms with the fact that our little boy appreciates pretty girls. i know i shouldn’t be surprised … but i am just not ready for it. <sigh> i also shouldn’t be surprised that pretty girls seem to like shortstack. {POUTING}


we enjoyed a food truck meal of indian curry and hot dogs (the dogs were DELISH … as was the curry, but sometimes hot dogs just taste SOOOOO good!). it was a beautiful evening and the art museum has created such a comfortable outdoor courtyard that is perfect for a casual dinner with a glass of wine. the fountains entertained shortstack while panda and i lingered over our drinks and then we decided to check out the tattoo exhibit in one of the galleries. gorgeous work! i have a fascination and intense appreciation of tattoos. there are a few that adorn my body, all chosen with care and intent.  there are a few more that i’d love to add to my collection, but they are on the back burner for now. anywho – the examples of tattoo work done by local artists as well as historical documentation of polynesian and asian tattoos were beautiful. even shortstack had a few that were his favorites – and he also had some innocent yet profound insight into polynesian tattoo work and symbolism. the gallery we were exploring also had an exhibit of photographs with military service members as the subjects. from portraits of service member’s eyes, tattoos, and injuries to still lifes of the bedrooms of service members who were killed in action, the exhibit was emotionally charged and somber. and it opened up another line of conversation with shortstack – this time about military service  men and women who have been injured and some of the ways that wars can hurt us – as people and as a society.

we finally headed back to the palace and enjoyed a stroll back to our car. it was a great way to spend a friday evening – doing what i have hoped to this year by getting out of our comfort zone and experiencing other really cool and interesting things to do in our hometown.

saturday meant a 1/2 day of work for this mama, but the rest of the weekend was spent relaxing with each other, friends and family. we did hit up gordon biersch (thank you, aunty mollie – the wedding gift card was put to good use!) for pupus and a beverage. although it’s a major chain restaurant, the location is unbeatable


weekending is good thing! we hope you enjoyed yours as much as we enjoyed ours!



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