Weekend Tidbits

i LOVE weekends! did you know that?? it’s true!

we started it out with some playground time … which gave mama some downtime to crochet. yes, i find the strangest hobbies to fill my time. several other playground parents commented on my crocheting … how it was unusual to see someone of “our” generation crocheting … and how crocheting/knitting is a lost art. i can’t say that i’m doing any kind of art, but i’m having fun!


this morning, in my journal, i was noting just how much i adore our neighborhood … for a multitude of reasons … one of which is that we have a wonderful park and pool just a couple of blocks from our house.


we kept it low-key this weekend. which, honestly, is quite an accomplishment! usually, we have a to-do list that dictates our weekends, but this weekend, we were good with being lazy and enjoying each other.

we watched some Harry Potter … ate some homemade pizza … did a little snuggling … and stayed up super late!


(yes, the temperature is usually in the 70s and 80s here and we STILL where flannel pj’s!)

saturday was dedicated to being lazy with books and tv and prepping some yumminess for a gathering with our hanai family. sorry – i failed to get pics because i was busy – you know … eating, drinking, talking story and making smores (ummmm … BRILLIANT dessert for bbq potlucks, by the way! thank you, aunty iris, for being so darn smart!)

sunday was dedicated to more laziness and a playdate for shortstack. batman lego empires were built and disassembled, battles raged and chases ensued … and then we headed out to the bishop museum to look at massive bugs and take in one of the new planetarium shows.

oh! and you have to have a snack break!


we hope that your weekend was as blissful as ours!

happy monday!


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