2013 … and i’ve already messed up writing it 7 times today!

okay peeps – it’s 2013

HAU’OLI LA HANAU! (happy new year) to you and yours!

the first several weeks of the new year are challenging … we need to get out of holiday mode; we need to find a new daily rhythm; we deal with the onset of a new semester and all the chaos that comes along with it; we need to put away all the holiday goodies – edible and not – and hope that we’ll be able to find them when we pull them out next year; we have to let our bodies recover from the food indulgence that the holiday season; we need to get a little boy refocused on routine and school … {sigh} … and worst of all, i need to train myself to write the date correctly. i’m really not very trainable – have i mentioned that??

so, i think i mentioned before that I do NOT roll with resolutions. first of all, i never keep them. then i feel guilty for not keeping them. then i feel resentful for feeling a guilty … it’s a really BAD cycle. but i’m all about new adventures and self challenges. again, i’m not so good with change. and i’m not so good with challenges … but, at least with challenges there’s the very tiny sliver of competitiveness in me that rears it’s head (slowly and usually with a lot of reluctance) and i’ll make an effort to meet the challenge.

for this year, i have a few … some of which i think i’ll keep to myself for now (they involve courage and self-discipline – neither of which do i have much of) … but there are several that i want to put out there (accountability, peeps!)

one of my favorite websites is etsy.com – not only because i enjoy the shopping (which i don’t do very often, honey … don’t worry!) but also because their blog posts are often inspirational and thoughtful. today i came across Caleb Gardner’s post, “Five New Year’s Resolutions for Parents.” as with many other parents out there, my role as mama is one of the most important roles in my life … and one of the most enjoyable. i love being shortstack’s mama! besides the fact that shortstack is simply awesome (yes, i know – it is all about the parental bragging rights), it is FUN to be such an influential and loved part of his life. as i read Caleb’s article, number three really struck me … “I will put away distractions and be with my kids.” ummmm … YES! I WILL! you see, i’ve fallen into the technology trap despite being stupidly tech-inept. i have an iphone, and although our 7-year-old knows the full functionality of it and i’m still working on making sure that auto-correct doesn’t make my life hell (big failure as of yet), i am addicted to having it in my hands at all times. and i’m addicted to randomly turning it on and mindlessly browsing through the time-sucking warp world of facebook and pinterest. and i know that the time-sucking, mindless, unengaged, disinterested waste of energy that i dedicate to a stupid phone needs to be better spent – not only with our son, but also demonstrating to him creativity, productivity, learning, reading … so many things. the onther tech trap that sucks me in is tv … ahhh … tv at the the end of the day when my mind is mush and my personality has been chattered out. but i need to do better. and our son deserves to witness his mama doing better. for crying out loud, how the heck can i give him a hard time for being a tech/tv addict, if that’s what he sees me doing??

another one of my challenges for the year … attempt to stretch my culinary skills at least 10 times in 2013. i had thought that i could try once a month, but – well, i’m trying to be realistic.

another one of my challenges for the year … don’t expect to live a pinterest-perfect life … and don’t want to either. it is downright mean to put that expectation on myself and my family. as much as i love to browse through blogs and pinterest (yes, i’m still a blog addict), i still find that i have to remind myself that our daily life doesn’t allow for picture-perfect idealism. our reality is messy and chaotic and fun and sandy and rushed and – often – overwhelming. and its great to browse through the cyber universe for good ideas and inspirations, AND i need to remember that they are just that – ideas and inspirations. our world has become one in which mamas are expected to make everything at home, be the career woman, drive the tidy soccer-supply-filled vehicle, participate on the pta, make dinner in 30 minutes, be creatve in storage solutions, know how to operate heavy machinery as well as the most-up-to-date technology, sip caffeine-laden drinks at hip coffee shops with girlfriends while looking fine, go to weekly zen-seeking yoga classes and get to bed at a reasonable hour. i mean, really now! it aint’ happening! so, why keep immersing myself in cyber images of peeps that appear to accomplish all of the above while i’m wondering if there will be leftovers for the gazillionth time this year (yes, i know … we’re only 3 days into it … but, you get the picture!).

well all, that’s a bunch of challenges for this mama.

i hope that the holidays were good to you and yours. take care of yourselves this year. be patient with yourselves this year. love and be loved this year.

welcome, 2012 2013. it’s good to see your face!



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