come on in and have a seat

we’ve made some changes in our home lately … one of the most beloved members of our ‘ohana left us last week. our 1960’s, rust-orange sectional found a new home and left a big puka (hole) in our living room … literally … a REALLY big puka. we parted ways with our ’60s sectional for a couple of reasons:

1) we’ve learned that shortstack is allergic to several things – including dust mites. and, when it comes down to it, we were fairly certain that no amount of treatment would eliminate dust mites from our couch

2) it was a BIG sectional … there were 6 pieces (after i got rid of 2 other pieces due to frustration). i enjoy rearranging the furniture in our home, but trying to find a place for each sectional piece in a tiny old-style plantation house was beyond challenging

3) my wife hates moving furniture. i had no idea just how much she hated it until i asked her to help me {attempt} to move a couple of the sectional pieces into our back room. {attempt FAILED}. by the end of it, my poor wife had to walk off her frustration and i had to reassess the practicality of holding on to my “old-skool” sectional

so i posted it on craigslist – “Old Skool Modular Sectional” – within minutes, emails started peppering my inbox. within a day, the couch was sold. within two days, the couch was gone. shortstack and i cried as the final pieces were carried out. we waved good-by to it as it went home to a new family who (we hope) will appreciate it – with all its quirks and comfort – the way we did.


in the week that followed, we learned several very important lessons …

1) living in a house without a couch is extremely uncomfortable. when there’s no place to sit comfortably, no place to lounge while reading christmas stories, no cushions to sink into when vegging in front of the tv, well, that tends to leave people quite grumpy

2) grumpmiesters without a place to relax at the end of the day become edgy and discombobulated

3) the resulting need to furniture shop results in people feeling anxious and stressed out

4) furniture shopping sucks

5) furniture in hawaii is FAR too overpriced

6) finding a reasonably-priced, comfortable, quality piece of furniture in hawaii is like finding a snowflake floating by while walking on waikiki beach

7) my wife does not like furniture sales people. i’ve always known that she is not the greatest shopper in the world, but within 2 minutes of walking into our very first furniture store, her jaw muscle  was clenching, a dull red flush was creeping up her neck and her characteristically-quick gait sped up as she attempted to stay at least 2 car-lengths in front of any possible sales person in the showroom

8) furniture shopping inevitably takes longer than a day … and usually longer that the worst-case-scenario that you create in your head

9) you need to sit on the floor models as you would in your home, otherwise you are bound to end up with a couch that doesn’t make sense in your house

10) sometimes a non-partisan eye is needed when furniture shopping, so let your son and wife spend the morning at the soccer field, rope in an aussie friend and hit the rest of the furniture stores on the island that you didn’t visit during the first week of furniture shopping … then, when absolutely in need of more coffee and sick of dealing with furniture sales sharks, tired of trying out less-than-comfortable couches and discombobulated with looking at prices that absolutely would not work with the household budget that your checkbook approves of, you hightail it back to the best-of-the-evils and buy a couch

YES! my friends, a couch has been purchased. thanks to the use of papa’s truck and manual labor, the couch made its way home and has settled in very nicely.


welcome, new couch. you are already well-loved. we appreciate your comfy-ness, we love how all three of us can curl up on you and read stories, we appreciate that you are {for the time being} dust-mite-free and the family is so grateful that this mama is less likely to continually rearrange the living room now that we don’t have a 6-piece-modular-sectional.

friends, come on by, come on in and have a seat …

OH! one more thing … lesson #11 of furniture shopping … when you see signs like this:


… recognize that you are not the target clientele for the store in which this item resides and depart the premises ASAP. your wife, son, and bank account will thank you.

{sidenote: yes, upon reading this sign with the salesperson standing directly behind the sofa upon which the sign was propped, i promptly burst out into loud laughter. the salesperson was less than impressed.}


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