its all good … and, for that, i am thankful …

i have a good life! it is filled with those things and people that i say thanks for daily and it is filled with so many other pieces that i need to say thanks for. i believe that there is something/someone greater that us in this world … and that energy and spirit should be acknowledged

for all of this, i am grateful …

for all of these and all that i do not always see, i am thankful …

:the child i am honored to raise ~ his soul is sweet, his heart is generous and gracious, his sense of humor is easy and gentle-hearted, his brain is astounding, his hugs are quick and strong, his kisses are soft and often, his smile is magnetic and electric, his laugh is often and unrestrained, he is comfortable and easy around his mamas, his intentions are beautiful … he is the greatest and most unexpected gift i’ve ever received

:the woman who loves me and to whom i am blessedly committed ~ the thought and sight of her gives me butterflies, her shoulder is strong and steady, her love is honest and constant, she is easy to laugh with, she doesn’t pull punches and wraps her arms around me when the tears fall, she doesn’t mind taking on the driving duties, she hugh-mors me and endeavors, she encourages me to be more that i am, her touch makes me tingle and her eyes know all, her loyalty and integrity astound me, she mothers our child with genuine and soul-gripping love, she stands with me through this life and into whatever comes next

:our home ~ cozy as it is, our home is the nest that our family has created ~ a space for us to relax, recuperate, hide, welcome the ones we love, explore, make messes, have fights, fix ourselves, dream, conspire, rearrange, redesign … its the space that our family can express our individual and collective souls.

:our kitchen ~ the space where i can create/cook/experiment with food … i am honored to have a family to cook for, to have friends that i can nurture and nourish through all of the meals and dishes that i dream up, whip together, experiment with and simply assemble

:books ~ everywhere, we are surrounded by books. they are my escape, and my addiction. ohhh … i have to say the nook as well. although i know i will never give up my physical books completely, the e-books are easy and transportable. :READING ~ our shortstack is taking to reading and books fairly quickly … he’s definitely become our little reading monster. and he seems to be drawn to books the same way this mama is.

:coffee ~ made with love every AM by my beautiful wife

:soft sheets, a cozy bed and a a mountain of pillows that often crowd my tolerant soul-mate

:friends ~ that word is simply inadequate for the people that populate our lives. the hanai family that we have built and surrounded ourselves with … those that love us unconditionally, the ones that call us on our BS, that protect us, embrace us, encourage us, dream with (and for) us, document us and laugh through this life with us

:the ability to laugh ~ this life isn’t easy (the past several weeks are testament to that) but being able to laugh through it makes the tribulations much more bearable

:our jobs ~ they are not perfect; in fact, right now, they are quite soul-sucking and painful … but they allow us to pay our bills, provide a roof over our heads, give us luxuries beyond measure, helps us to feel purposeful (well, usually) and productive … oh, and they keep my wife in the country and me out of trouble!

:4 more years! of obama!! ~ maybe doma will be repealed and our family will receive the recognition that is due

:words ~ i love words! i have quotes ~ and words ~ and phrases ~ and titles ~ and sentences written down on post-it notes (oh! post-it notes!! thankful for those too!!) all over every space that i touch and inhabit

:wine ~ just a funny story to share = we did a pre-Thanksgiving excursion to our local favorite liquor purveyor (i didn’t want to say liquor store b/c that sounds so bad to go as a family) … as i was sitting in the middle of the aisle, attempting to read that reviews on a couple of new red wines that i had not seen before, shortstack leaned over my shoulder and asked, “mama ~ are you always going to like wine?” “well, baby, i hope so.” i answered. <pause> “mama panda will always like beer?” “probably, baby.” “oh, okay.”
 ahhh … the ponderings of a 7-year-old …

:so many more … soo, sooo, soooo many more …

well, peeps … i hope that we all will take a moment to recognize and acknowledge this   GOOD LIFE!


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