things aren’t always rosy …

… in fact, there are some weeks that purely suck. that was last week for me. it sucked. it sucked BIG TIME. and i’m still wallowing a bit. i will likely continue to wallow for a bit. it’s my prerogative.

but even when the week sucks big time, there are moments that bring a smile to my face and remind me that there are many, many, millions & tons of blessings that i’m thankful for.

these are my peeps … they hugh-mor me and my moods

these are some more of our peeps … a night hanging out with them will always leave a smile on my face … (random thought: baylor women’s basketball wasn’t as crazy remarkable as i expected them to be – but still super cool to see griner on the court. stanford didn’t give the poor girl room to breathe!)

this is my favorite peep of all …no matter how sucky things get, this lil’ guy makes it all better!

here’s to wishing you all non-sucky weeks. make this one rock – it’s time to feast and fun!


3 thoughts on “things aren’t always rosy …

  1. Your week wouldn’t suck so much if you’d just call your poor neglected momma in phoenix every now & then! Just sayin’. Love to all, momma charli

  2. I know, you’ll call when you can. Pops & i will be home all day on ” lasagna” day, so we hope to catch up with all of you then. Give Manda & Kaleo hugs from us. & give yourself one too, lots of love, momma

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