celebrating gratitude & just being thankful

**psst** did you get the memo?? ummmm … it’s november 1st. no, seriously … it’s already november 1st. that means that 10 months of this year have slipped through our fingers. in 2 months, we will be ushering in 2013. good god! 2013!! i am SO NOT ready for that year yet!

but, november is a favorite of mine. in a way, its my reset button – the page comes up on my calendar and its a physical reminder for me to celebrate all that i’m thankful for.

and we are thankful for SO MANY blessings …

yesterday, i had an amazingly bountiful day … but at the end of it, when i closed my eyes, and breathed out my gratefulness, my words were pretty darn simple …

“thank for for a family that i can laugh with. thank you for the silliness and fun.”

Fruit of the Loom Gang – photo courtesy of Ms. J. Lee

yep – that’s my bunch of green grapes! cute, ain’t she?

hope you all had a great and safe halloween … one full of laughter and silliness!

and may your november be a whole fun and silly party of being grateful!


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