i did it … have you?

i did it! today i exercised my civic duty and responsibility! I VOTED!

Vote. CHECK!!

this has been a contentious and emotional election cycle. i have always availed myself of the privilege of voting in our state a national elections because i view it as a right that far too people in this world have. i also grew up in a household in which we vote. we talked about the issues and candidates, opinions were shared, and they we all went and voted. and i still follow in that tradition. as, i hope, will our son and … someday … my wife (she is still an australian citizen and, since our marriage isn’t federally recognized, i can’t sponsor her for a green card. BUT, if one of us had male genitalia, all would be fine … of course. because THAT absolutely is equal rights for all).

although election day is not officially until next tuesday, due to upcoming travel and schedule chaos, i knew that it would be best if i got my voting taken care of early on. so today i took my lunch time to participate in early voting at honolulu hale. early voting is truly one of the smartest and simplest election processes put in place by the state of hawai’i! thank you, state government! if you are a registered voter and are in close distance to honolulu hale or another early polling place, do yourself a favor – beat the crowds and the stress, take advantage of early voting.

no matter what your political affiliation is or your views on current issues and agendas, i encourage you to take the time to voice your opinion through your right to vote. yes, our system is not perfect – nor is it perfectly representative of popular opinion (that silly electoral college thingy!) but it is a right that you have as a citizen of this nation … exercise your civic duty. it builds character!


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