the day the world made sense …

{today} this got posted a tad-bit late … but here it is … our baby is not a baby any longer! that’s for sure …

{8 October 2012} 7 years ago, i became a mama. i was entrusted with the most amazing person that has ever come into my life – as far as i’m concerned, the most amazing person that has entered this world — my shortstack, kaleo.

8 October 2005
Welcome to this world, sweet boy!

when he was handed to me, i literally felt unknown pieces of my world fall into place. i was a single mama, unsure of how to be a mama – i was clueless as to how to change a baby’s diaper, what breast feeding was all about, how to carry him in the much-talked-about cradle hold (the whole don’t-let-his-head-roll-support-his-neck advice completely freaked me out!) – much less how to make sure that the little being that i was holding would be loved the way he deserved to be loved. but there i was, staring in awe at this tiny little child and thinking that the world as i knew it had been spun on its axis and there were a whole new set of rules that i better learn pretty darn quickly. and then, in the space of half a heartbeat, i recognized the strange sensation that had been seeping through me from the moment that rob (my SPECTACULAR ob) placed my little boy on my chest … i was utterly and awesomely, head-over-heels, selflessly and selfishly in love with a person that i had known for less than 2 hours. and, all of a sudden, my world – this world – all the craziness, chaos, victories, heartbreaks, insanity and uncertainty that swirled around in my life – made sense. i got it. i got why i went through all the crap i went through. i got why i left hawaii and went searching for my next chapter.. i got why i endured 9 months (well, technically it is 10 months … i’m still not sure why people say that pregnancy is 9 months when we’re technically talking about 40 week) of my body being out of control and ridiculous discomfort. i got why i was adamant that being a single parent was the right decision for me. i got why my heart knew that being alone would be just fine. i got it all. because when that little swaddled infant started crying in the hallway with the nurses and i stumbled my way up from my bed and out of my room to find out why MY child was crying, i got that my purpose had now been established. i was my child’s guardian angel in this world. i was his love and care giver. i was his protector, his supporter, his teacher … i was his mama. and that was just fine with me.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KALEO! may all of your dreams and hopes manifest in your life!

our 7-year-old scientist (thanks aunties joy, michi and nelda … i’m not sure who was more excited about this gift – mama panda or shortstack!)

One thought on “the day the world made sense …

  1. I am Not old enough for my daughter to have a 7 year old son! Happy birthday Kaleo. Did you know that I was the 1st one to hold you after your mom & dad? You are such a joy to all of us who are lucky enough to know you. Lots of love to you & to q mom & panda too! Auntie Charli

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