Autumn in Hawai’i

seasons are changing. i’m seeing the signs all over the place. pumpkin, squash and crockpot recipes are being pinned, posted and shared all over my daily cyber-space visits. pictures of jeans, sweaters, scarves and boots are sneaking their way into tv ads, catalogs and design boards. the dominant colors are hinting towards the changing colors of leaves and the altered angle and shade of the sunlight. but here in hawai’i, autumn is much like our last season. there a few changes – later sunrises, earlier sunsets, the arrival of humpback whales, UH football games and starbucks pumpkin spice lattes. but we don’t have the change in weather, the chill in the air, the color metamorphosis. there’s a little part of me that is envious of changing seasons – of reasons to wear jeans and boots; of the coziness of a warm, crockpot-dinner-scented house when the whether is chilly outside; of piping hot tea mugs keeping my hands warm and one-of-our-many-blankets keeping my feet snuggly as the dark and cold wrap around our house. last night, i started to tell panda, “sometimes i wish that we could live in a place where it gets cold …” and she busted out laughing … “remember my knee [she’s had 10 surgeries on one and arthritis in her joints]. remember you don’t like cold …” ahh. truth. i don’t like to live in cold. i like to visit cold. i like to think about cold (well, i like to think about coziness in cold), but i don’t like to live in it.

i do like to love the place we live. i do like to have easy-dinner-picnics at waikiki beach on friday evenings. i do like to pack up a meal and sit in the bleachers at the soccer stadium {in shorts and a t-shirt, thank you very much} watching UH soccer while the sun sets and our shortstack chases his friends around with hanai aunties and uncles keeping an eye on him. i do like to look at the fall fashions and then wear my boxers and uggs around the house on sunday mornings as i make a lazy breakfast. and i do love to take advantage of the beach being 6.5 minutes away from us and go for a beach walk with my best boy on warm weekend mornings.

kahala beach on saturday AMs is usually quiet except for early birds and their pups
my handsome boy eating his cheerios and chilling with his mama
shortstack loves to have a stick in hand – just in case he needs to fight off bad ninjas … or something of the sort
this little boy melts my heart … i never could have imagined the total love and comfort that i have for and with this person … love you to the moon and back, shortstack!

i hope all of you have an amazing fall/autumn/changing of seasons. i’ll be watching from a far, every once in awhile coveting the cozy sweaters and fall-inspired recipes but then relishing in our little slice of paradise …


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