i am a BIG believer in options. i believe that having choices is always the best situation. i like to think of options as multiple pathways to unimagined adventures … which means, so many new ways to be who we’re supposed to be.

i also believe that we create our options – some manifest because the mischievous powers-that-be in this universe like to play with the all-knowing, all-powerful, teenie-weenie humans who think they run this world; and some options manifest because we put the time, energy, love and voice to what we hope to experience.

right now, i’m wishing i had better options in the professional part of my life. and, yes, i’m putting it out there into the universe that options are desired … but, in the meantime, i am trying to learn as much from the less-than-ideal situation i am in currently and hoping that these life lessons will create better options later on down the road. *sigh*


but, as far as home goes, i’ve far-and-away decided that i love our home and that is the happily-ever-after option that i choose!

we “puppy” sat for friends over the past week in manoa. as much as shortstack LOVED having a dog (Coal was quite a distinguished and welcoming gentleman and had the cutest lab eyes and personality wrapped up with great dane height and weight!) and a yard, it was SOOOOOO GOOD to get home, in our bed, under our sheets, traipsing through my kitchen (panda gave me permission to call it “mine”). *sigh … this time, a good one!*

we did enjoy some beautiful sunsets and rainbows in manoa. did some cloud watching, and bbq-ing. wondered at what the police helicopter was up to. read some stories in a bunk bed. took some doggy strolls. watered some plants barefoot in the yard. picked tart and juicy limes and cut fresh rosemary. fed some fish. took a nap on the grass. life options in manoa were definitely wonderful … they just weren’t home.

manoa rainbow
shortstack and mama panda playing chess. i’m relegated to task of photographer since i don’t have a clue how to play this game!
aunty barb’s fish were super pretty and the water lilies were gorgeous
magnificent manoa sunset

here’s to hoping that all of you have options in your life …


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