sitting with my coffee …

i like coffee.

i like it black and strong from monday through friday. the coffee has to have a kick. it has to be hot and consumed within minutes. i carry in a large travel mug filled with coffee-made-with-love-from-my-wife. every night she grinds the beans and sets the timer so that we wake up to freshly-brewed, kick-in-the-teeth coffee. {yes, i’m spoiled}. i have a white, ceramic cup that sits on my office desk. it fits tidily into the curve of my hand. my four fingers comfortable wrap around the exterior, under the arch of the handle. its thick enough to retain the heat when i nuke my first cup of the morning, without burning my over-sensitive hands. as i sit at my desk, reading through my emails and planning my attack strategy for the day, my left hand holds the coffee mug as my thumb rubs the rim of it – up, down, over to the right; up, down, over to the right.

as students file in and out of my office throughout the day, as i field phone calls and shoot out emails during the in-between lulls, the coffee level in my mug shrinks, i feel the day winding down and the kick from my coffee dwindling. i have one refill in my travel mug. that perk-up usually happens around 10. the second whiff of strong, hot coffee focuses my intentions for the day. my to-do list becomes filled with crossed-off items and notes for future actions. my left hand wraps around the mug again and i nurse the last of my morning motivation.

when saturday comes, i like a monstrous mug of my made-with-love-coffee, sweetened with flavored creamer and irish cream. sunday is a repeat of saturday – sweetened, lightened, get-lost-in mug that may sit untouched for hours as i putter around the house, browse through blogs, veg in front of the tv, or fall asleep again on my wife’s lap. coffee during the weekend may be nuked to piping-hot levels several times throughout the day. of, if the afternoon is hot enough, it might be poured over ice for an afternoon indulgence. sometimes, it might sit in the pot, cooling and unappreciated … but there’s comfort in knowing that its there.

yes, i have a coffee addiction. and a coffee habit. but most of all, i just like to sit with my coffee.


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