creativity vs. mess making … keeping it real!

i am NOT a creative person. i like to think i am. i like to play around with the possibility of being creative. but, i’m really not. and i’m totally okay with it. that doesn’t stop me for getting all excited and gung-ho about a new project (or – most often – simultaneous projects that are intertwined and feed off one another as well as being infinitely complicated), going out and buying or hunting for supplies and coming home to make a big ‘old mess in the name of creativity.

my latest venture can be directly credited (or blamed on – depending on who you ask) to panda. you see, i’ve been needing to hem several pairs of slacks for her for over a year. anytime she finds a pair of work slacks at a store, i tell her, “get them! i can hem them so they’re at the length you want. you don’t clothes shop often enough.” and she really doesn’t. in fact, it’s EASIER to get her to the dentist than it is to a shopping mall for actual clothes shopping. so, i’m totally serious – when she finds work clothes that work for her, she needs to buy them. and i need to hem them. well, i procrastinated on the whole hemming thing. for a year i procrastinated. yes, i have a patient wife! well, finally i got the, “honey, can you PLEASE hem my pants this weekend??!?” with the tone of voice that i rarely ever hear from her. and it worked.

i busted out my sewing machine. yes, the simple-to-use, efficient machine that has been keeping our bedroom closet floor dust-free. not only did i pull it out of the closet, i managed to pull it out of the box as well. talk about ACCOMPLISHMENT!

and then i proceeded to spend a VERY FRUSTRATING 2 hours attempting to put it together and figure out how to use it. look !! it’s been almost 3 years since that machine had seen the light of day. life’s been busy, what can i say?? and i’ve been lazy.

but the hemming got done. (sidenote – after the TWO HOURS of frustrating set-up, it took a total of 15 minutes to hem all of her slacks!!) and then inspiration struck again! i was having fun with my sewing machine. which meant, of course, that i needed to pull out my random stashes of fabric that i’ve had in storage for all the projects that i was going to undertake pre-masters-degree.

which of course let to a NEW PROJECT. patchwork place mats. which, of course, used some of the fabric that i had in my stash …

now my creative juices were flowing … and i simply needed more fabric to complete this project. which, naturally, means FIELD TRIP!! so, off to the fabric store i went …

and look what i found ….

## that green panda fabric is simply going to have to make it’s way into some sort of project, in honor of mama panda! ##

## how’s that ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE owl fabric??! i feel a library/book tote making an appearance in the near future ##

## AHHHHHHH … rows and rows of color, pattern, detail, HAPPINESS!! yep – creative inspiration at it’s finest! too bad i just don’t have the creativity gene! ##

here’s to hoping that all of you are finding creative breaths in your daily life!


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