beach tracks and other weekday lessons

sometimes i think i ought to smack myself for not taking full advantage of the pleasures of living in hawaii. yes, we are lucky to live hawaii. we are surrounded by balmy, clear water and sandy, inviting beaches. the weather is consistently warm (72* calls for breaking out hoodies and jeans. yes, sad i know. but seriously, what can you expect? we live in hawaii!!). but, i rarely take the time to enjoy our beaches. to soak in the peace and space to breathe, walking on the warm sand and waves. and – when i tell you that our nearest beach is a 4-minute drive from our front door, you’ll want to smack me as well!

so, yesterday i kicked my own butt out the door and to the sand. after picking up our CSA box (that’s another post for sure! in short – although a great idea, and the produce is fresh, there’s just not enough diversity for me. so we’ll be sticking with my farmers market addiction after this subscription is up) and stopping by for some farm-fresh eggs (i have a hankering to bake some unhealthy treats – believe me, egg dishes are few and far between when my wife and i are not huge egg fanatics), i changed into grubby clothes and headed down to kahala beach for some me-time.


oh yes … silly, stupid me. it is amazing how deeply you can breathe when your toes are sunk into sun-warmed water and sand.

we’ve been web-chatting very early in the AM with shortstack because of the time difference between HI and AZ. it is AHHH-MAAAAYYY-ZEEEING what technology does for us … and how wildly connected we can stay even with an ocean between us. but it has also been confirmed that this mama ain’t no AM person. i don’t like being up that early. my brain does not function that early. my attitude is attitudy-from-your-booty that early in the AM. all in all, it is not good. even good, strong, fresh-brewed-with-love coffee is not enough to make me decent. so, poor little shortstack usually has to end up blowing me a whole bunch of kisses before i become responsive enough to smile.or – he can pull antics like this …


yep … life is good in our little slice of paradise. i’m counting down the days (25) until our cozy ‘ohana is back together again!

here’s to hoping that you and your peeps are having a toes-warming-in-the-sand kind of week!


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