and then the sun sets …

i have two favorite times of the day … sunrise {which i am RARELY awake – or conscious – for} and sunset. i’ve said it before – it’s all about the light and the stillness. everything and everyone seems to hold still in the final moments of a sunset. or maybe it’s just me.

we attended a beautiful grad party on the west side of o’ahu last weekend. as we drove out to the west side, panda and i kept asking each other if we were going the right way. she kept asking me where google maps was directing us. “what’s the street name?” “there is no street name.” “well, are we coming up on it??!?” “i think so … there’s a bus going to the same place. follow that bus!!” silence … 3 seconds behind the bus … “HELL NO! i don’t have that patience to follow a bus the whole way there!” *sigh* patience is truly not the strongest virtue that either of us have.

well, we made it. who knew? the west side isn’t as far away from “town” as i think it is! as far as i know, it’s the first time i had been to that venue (Paradise Cove Luau). WOW! serious BREATH STEALING, AWESOME, EYE ARRESTING sunsets. yes, we’re spoiled in hawai’i. almost everywhere you look, there is a picture-like view. the location of this party was mind blowing … the ocean views were surreal … the sunset – movie perfect!

well, i’ll shut up and just show you …

here’s to hoping that y’all are having a sunsettingly-beautiful and still evening …


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