sending a smile your way

it’s humpday and i’m sure feeling it. if you are too, take a moment to read the blessing below. hope it makes you giggle out loud … i sure as hell did! happy wednesday, my peeps!! and, kylie, have a safe trip home. you better text us when you land!!

A Red Blessing
May health high five your cells
May serenity slide down your spine
May pleasure punch your panties
May you remember that it is All divine
May trust meet your every corner
May beauty smooch your every curve
May life remind you It’s now or never
And that you were created to Serve
May forgotten deities paint your eyelids
And giddy angels spank your ass
May your heart tell you to Bring It
And your Soul declare it’s sass
May fire claim your false
And courage nourish your true
May laughter pump your belly
And passion usher in your New
May authenticity suck your toes
And fear forget its’ name
May you unleash your Red Hot and Holy power
And may this planet never be the same.

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