a thing … or a few … about me

as i was taking one of my rare walks yesterday, i had an epiphany about this space. i’m not here because i want others to know about my life ~ that would be a tad bit presumptuous, me assuming that you want to know what my life is like. i’m not here because i want this little piece of cyber-space to become a brand or business venture. i’m not here to improve my writing, publishing, communication, or photography skills. nope! i am here because i want to learn more about me. wow! crazy how that epiphany seems so major. and … if along the way, i connect with people, share my life and what i’ve learned, improve myself and my skills, then bravo for extra benefits!

hmmmm … i feel so … relieved. weird.

and the randomness persists …

i like animal prints … and red bags … but especially animal prints. they’re neutrals in my wardrobe playbook ##

this face humbles me ##

home is here ##

and here ##

i have opinions … and i’m not afraid to share them ##

i’m going to miss our shortstack ##

well, my peeps … tonight’s the last night with our little man for the next 6 weeks. we’ll be keeping it chill and cuddling down for the night. here’s to hoping that you holding and loving the ones that mean the most to you …


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