tuesday tidbits

its another crazy week in our house … shortstack is wrapping up his last week of school and will be heading to AZ to spend 6 weeks with his dad. panda is trying to catch up at work after being out of the office for a week. friends from near and aussie-land are going to be getting their last cuddles in with the shortstack and mama feels the need to feed everyone.


## shortstack has spirit week at school; today was beach-bum-boogie day & he wanted to punk-up his hairstyle a bit ## i am a converted-townie; love that (even with traffic) my commute is 15 minutes ## picked up some pastels and color pencils for a couple of projects that i want to mess with this summer {sorry, baby … fisher is right down the street from the office!} ## i believe in color-coding my work life; even my students know whatever they receive from me will be colorful and well-organized! ##

hoping all of you are enjoying the time you have with the ones you love the best … happy tuesday!


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