unexpected week: travel snafus and sick little boys

not like this will surprise ANYONE … but this week was unexpectedly chaotic … i fully expected it to be chaotic – just not in the way that it all went down.

the week got off to a normal start … we all headed out the door on monday with the expectation that it was going to be a crazy one. if only we knew … *sigh* … yeah, i know! hindsight is 20/20 … blah – blah – blah …

by lunchtime on monday i got the call that every mother does not want to happen on a day choke-full of meetings and appointments … “mrs. seese? kaleo is in the sickroom with a high fever. can you come and get him please?”

by the time i made a hasty exit from my packed schedule and picked-up shortstack, his fever was 102*. after his meds, a cool washcloth and curling up in bed, he was done for the night. and so began the week began in earnest.

since shortstack is heading to AZ next week for time with dad, we are trying to squeeze in visits with his hanai family … which means that we bring them in to our chaos. poor peeps. aunty lori came by for dinner on monday only to find the little boy practically asleep and panda being nagged by me to get her packing done for the business trip that she was leaving for the next day. yes, i nag. especially about packing. panda can pack for her business trips in 15 minutes. no seriously! she can!! and that frustrates the bejeebers out of me! how the he!! does someone pack in 15 minutes for a business trip? i can’t choose a bag to pack in 15 minutes! just keeping it real, peeps …

the next AM we woke up to a little boy who was fighting a fever of 102 … and things didn’t get much better …

when chaos reigns, mama doesn’t sleep, when mama doesn’t sleep, inconsequential stuff get done

we got panda packed and to the airport in time for her flight … only for the unpredictability of this week to go rogue on her travel plans. while i stayed home to nurse and cuddle in with a sick 6-yo, panda ventured into the world of sh*tty travel. we’ve come to the unanimous conclusion that United Airlines sucks! every leg of panda’s trip was delayed, cancelled, missed or re-routed. my poor wife!

by thursday, things were looking up. shortstack was feeling more himself. that being said, he did take a 4 HOUR nap {i guess his body was still recovering. we needed a change of scenery but still wanted to keep him pretty chill, so i bundled us into the car and down to the aquarium for an hour. panda finished up her conference, caught up with some peeps and got ready to head home.

he added a sticker to his reading chart!
swimming, anyone??











so, this whole family has had one he!! of a week. the mamas had very little sleep, a lot of stress and too much craziness. the shortstack has had a lot of {needed} sleep and very little {but much needed} variety of daily tasks. now we’re ready to call it a week. mama’s back at work and finishing out her day {while throwing this blog up as a little-needed but much-desired distraction}, panda’s fighting with United to actually get home today and shortstack is finishing his day {hopefully successfully} … time to call it a weekend … time for family recovery … time for hugs with my ‘ohana … time for you to enjoy yours!


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