Mama’s Day for TWO!

i enjoyed being a single mama. really, i did! there was only one boss … and i was spoiled with a really easy kid. but, now, i REALLY enjoy having a 2-parent family. and i love that mama’s day is doubly-special because my little boy has 2 women who love him completely and devotedly … and there’s a second mama to take him on when this mama is ready to stick her head under a pillow and scream “NO MORE!! NOPE! I’m pau!!”

we tend to keep holidays and occasions pretty low-key in our house. first of all, we’re just a pretty laid-back ‘ohana. and second, we don’t like to buy into the crazy commercial chaos of holiday madness. this mama’s day was no different .. we started the weekend with a friday evening picnic in our neighborhood park – watched baseball practice, played on the jungle gym and enjoyed the early-summer lazy-sunset.

shortstack is thinking he’s so tricky …

saturday still means soccer in our house … at least for another couple of weeks. soccer saturdays mean that mama needs to have at least one cup of coffee in her system before heading down to the park … once we get there, all is good. summer mornings in hawaii are simply gorgeous … and this week was no different. soccer saturdays also mean that shortstack gets to run some crazy energy off. the opposing team this week was a no-show, so the boys ended up scrimmaging {some} of the parents – nope! i was NOT one of them! have i mentioned that i LOVE that i married a woman who likes sports and – thankfully – was a soccer player??!?

MAMA! STOP with the pictures already!!
shortstack … your socks are on inside out!

panda and i don’t usually do the flower thing … i figure, if i want flowers, i’ll buy them for myself … but, we have some wonderful friends who indulge us – and a few that are so happy for our ‘ohana, they love to celebrate that we’re mamas to an awesome little boy. these beauties are from leigh {the most awesomest office guru at HPU!}

they smell as pretty as they look!

we had sunday soccer with the soccer aunties and then we caught up with these beautiful women for an impromptu mamas day lunch at Chilis (mostly because mama decided that she wanted to do some waikele shopping and shortstack needed a new pair of sturdy slippers since he miraculously destroyed virtually-indestructible slippers in less than 2 months). the Quensell ladies are favorites of ours!

this is a oldie by goody … these women are forces to be reckoned with in shortstack’s life … all led by one of the greatest women of all, our aunty nelda (yep, i need to get a picture of her too!)

these next couple of weeks are going to be a bit insane. panda’s traveling for work, daily life includes doc appts, kindergarten events and celebrations, last soccer games and practices and the end of school before shortstack heads to AZ for 6 weeks with his dad. so, in an effort to keep composed and calm, i started keeping my eyes peeled for moments of peace in the midst of chaos … and found this beautiful moment while sitting in traffic as an ambulance and firetruck zoomed by this AM …

oleander flowers on beretania street

here’s to hoping that we’ll all remember to take a moment to find some peace in our daily, crazy lives … have a wonderful week, peeps!


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