Tuesday Tidbits

i like the word, “tidbits”. it makes me think of walking by the stove after baking some brownies or cookies, and reaching by and nabbing a piece off of the sitting treats … eventually there’s a big puka in the brownie pan and the number of baked cookies has significantly decreased because all of those nabs add up.

anyhow. tuesdays are usually good days. they seem to go quickly … probably because there’s soccer practice which seems to speed the day up.

yesterday, a couple of our favorite aunties came over for dinner at the end of the day – after the homework, soccer practice, quickie bath time, story time … well, you get the picture.

there is SUPPOSEDLY a size difference of these two soccer balls

so, i have a family that likes soccer. and i do too. i do. no – really. i do! but the idiosyncrasies of the support elude me. including seeing the difference of sizes in soccer balls … oh well!


this is my sitting tree. i plop myself down under it while watching soccer practice

this is what i do during soccer practice. i sit. i look around. i read whatever is in my bag. i enjoy being outside. i should walk. or stretch. or run. oh WHATEVER … no, i shouldn’t run.


all pau. finally home. now to de-stinkify!

at the end of practice on tuesdays, shortstack is pretty darn stinky. seriously … after a running-around day at school and soccer practice, the little man is usually a sweaty mess1st priority is usually dumping him into the bathtub and de-stinkifying for the sake of his mamas!


our pineapple!

well – not really OUR pineapple. actually, this is our landlord’s pineapple. but it’s growing right next to panda’s car so we feel some responsibility for it. besides, every time i see it, i speak sweetly to it, encouraging it to grown and get super yummy! =) for uncle, of course!

well, peeps, 2 days down … 3 to go … we got this!


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