weekend bliss

i’m a spoiled, spoiled woman.

seriously – my wife cleans up after me in the kitchen, she indulges my book addiction and coffee dependence, our son still honors my wishes for cuddles and kisses whenever i ask (well, usually), my father-in-law makes AWESOME port and usually brings us a bottle on his visits, summer’s almost here and sunsets in honolulu are simply spectacular.

most of all, weekends are almost always perfectly wonderful with our little ‘ohana.

this weekend was – almost – no different.

we did have a bit of a rough start. you see, we have a 6-year-old little boy. one who likes being a 6-year-old boy who is testing himself, his limits and (at times) his mamas. last week was a lego-and-toy-chest-free week in shortstack’s room. movies and tv were out of the question as well. there was a bit of an issue with 1) lying by omission and 2) deliberately disobeying his mamas. not a good week. but, shortstack’s mamas also believe that once the consequences are dealt and conversations are held, it’s time to go on with life … so, that’s what we did.

friday was pizza night. we love pizza. okay, i love pizza. talk about a perfect combo – bread, cheese, tomato sauce, variety of meats and veggies – and sometimes fruit. how can you go wrong?? so, after everyone got home and settled in on friday, we all got comfy and headed down to Round Table Pizza in waikiki for pizza and beer (well, the mamas had beer =)

YUMMY!!! pepperoni and maui zowie pizza ... yep! a good way to end the week!!

saturday has become soccer game mornings. shortstack’s team (aka “Ninjagos”) played hard. coach amanda kept her cool and everyone had a good morning. mama, of course, left her camera and phone at home (yes … i’m supposed to be working on this).

the rest of saturday was spent napping, cooking, tidying up the house, doing some grocery shopping and chilling with a sister-friend while taste-testing a few new wines. again, i failed at the pictures, but did great with the memories! =)

sunday mornings come too quickly … anyone else notice that?

i had volunteered to help out for a short time with the Honolulu AIDS walk for GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network – more on this later). it was awesome to see the vast number of people who came out to support and participate in the walk. and the energy – WHOA! the energy was AWESOME! it is inspirational to be in the presence of people who believe that they can and will make a change.

sunday afternoon was all about hanging with our family. we met aunty reech and uncle d down at Magic Island for a beach day. ummm … i LOVE beach days! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! set up our tent, put out the chairs, shortstack runs down the toasty sand and spends the next 6 hours in and out of the water, uncle d mans the grill and cooks up some simple yumminess (i am a firm believer that ALL food tastes better grilled! bet you can’t name one item that doesn’t taste good grilled!!) there was some paddleboarding, some napping, some people-watching, some gluttonous eating, some lazy conversations with friends, some random-question-asking of my wife (why is Magic Island called Magic Island? anyone have the answer to that??)

all-in-all, pretty perfect.

this is how shortstack rolls on a beach day. thanks, uncle d, for the ono hotdogs ... and hamburgers ... and chips!

shortstack is a true water baby. convincing him to come out of the water is a tough task to accomplish. even when he’s shivering, teeth chattering with purple-blue lips it is a challenge to persuade him that getting out of the water is a good idea. it’s even more difficult when aunty reech and uncle d are in the water, on their paddleboards or willing to act as a launching pad for little men who love to jump and splash.

after a perfect day of true relaxation and enjoyment, panda and i knew it was time to pack it in and head home. minutes after loading up and buckling in, shortstack was rubbing his eyes and  nodding his head in rhythm with the traffic through waikiki.

we all made it home happy and relaxed. quick baths, random nibbles, short storytime and the little one was in bed before the sun set. panda and i spent a few hours just enjoying each other’s company after the perfect day. just a bit before i started getting ready for bed, aunty reech sent us this picture:

good lord, we live in a beautiful place!

several times throughout the day, as panda and i sat on the beach or loitered in the water as our shortstack swam like a fish, we looked at each other and could only say: we have a beautiful life!

thanking our angels for the beautiful life that we live.

here’s to hoping that all of you had a picture-perfect weekend as well!


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