spring fresh, summer sweet

this is a beautiful time of year in hawai’i. although we consistently have pleasant weather, spring in hawai’i means the days start to lengthen; the morning sun is a bit more cheerful earlier in the morning – it doesn’t feel as if the sun (and, often, me) is being dragged kicking and screaming into the day. the evenings slide in later in the day allowing our little family longer, laid-back afternoons. weekends, although filled with soccer, errands, celebrations and naps, seem to contain more luxurious daylight and we all like to indulge in more time just enjoying each other.

Alex accompanied Mama on her travels to Vegas and Phoenix ... it's important to have a piece of home with me when my 'ohana can't be!

we’re all settled back into the rhythm of daily life again – well, mostly. panda had a week off from a forced spring break (sometimes furloughs aren’t all bad). mama had a couple of days off as well. and the family will have good friday off together. ahhhh … 3-day-weekends are such a treat!

it’s also that time of year where i’m feeling craftily inspired and a pressing need to get things organized and clean (don’t mistake feeling for doing, though!). a couple of weeks ago, i brought home 12 shelves from my office to install in our back room. now, let me tell you a bit about our back room … this is our guest room/craft room/study/catch-all storage (especially for post-wedding clutter)/master closet/and mini bar … seriously … it is the most multi-purposed room i’ve ever seen! i love that we have the space; to be honest, without the space we’d probably be lost. but it has become the black hole of disastrous clutter! i’m trying to restrain myself enough from hoarder-status, but sometimes i don’t do very good at that. last night, as i was putting away a few scrapbooking tools (after making ‘ohana easter bunnies …i promise to post a picture sometime soon), i was piling up boxes at the base of our storage bookcases and searching for a spot to sit on our futon in that room, i had a little tantrum in my head. now, i can be anal and organized about some things and there comes a point where i get fed up with chaos and spin out into an all-out clean fest … i think it’s fair to say that i’ve reached that point in our back room. oh … god bless panda! she has shelves to hang and tantrums to manage!! so, i am sure to be pouring over blogs and websites of organization ideas and suggestions so i can figure it out.

but most of all, our little ‘ohana is contently busy with daily life. panda is coaching shortstack’s soccer team. it’s quite entertaining to watch from the sidelines as she tries to herd six 6-year-olds into some semblance of order in practice. team ninjago, as they have chosen to be called, played their first game this past saturday and tied at 2 points (goals, score, whatever they are supposed to be called …). we hit up a UH baseball game (coach trap is super cool!). shortstack was able to bring a friend … the two 6 -year-olds had a blast cheering loudly for UH, eating popcorn, greeting friends and entertaining one another with the profound thoughts that only 6-year-old boys can muster.

Kaleo and NZ know how to do baseball!

easter weekend is coming up, we have seattle friends in town (hi aunty penny and aunty loree! can’t wait to see you ladies!), holiday meals with friends (the padres and the soccer aunties), a couple of doctor/dentist appts and organizational chaos!

it’s the time of year to refresh life and get re-energized. the days are longer and we can spend more time catching up with our peeps, getting outside and enjoying our favorite beaches, parks and heading out on new adventures around town. here’s to hoping that all of you are ready for a sweet, sweet summer!

sweet summer smiles

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