EEEWWWWWWW … WHY do they keep on kissing??

we have a 6-year-old little boy. and he is truly and completely a 6-year-old! getting him to focus for more than 2.5 minutes can sometimes be a challenge. any stick can and will magically become a wand, sword, jousting stick. the only part of a meal that matters is dessert. there are {obviously} menehune that live in his room to create the messes & cause him to forget what he’s supposed to be doing. he cuddles only when he wants to {or when mama can swoop him up at unexpected moments}. and watching his mamas kiss is simply ***GROSS*** no, seriously … we’re talking SUPER-GROSS!! here … let me show you …

ladies, you can kiss your wife …

ok … if i close my eyes super-tight, they won’t kiss!!


seriously funny!! panda and i were so impressed with how attentive shortstack was throughout the ceremony. he seemed to be listening and wanting to be a part of everything that was going on. but, like most other couples on their wedding day, we missed so much (thank god for all the pictures that were taken by our ‘ohana!!). SO, when we saw these pictures, we CRACKED up laughing! our 6-year-old is still kissing-shy, and this mama can only hope that he will stay that way for a long time to come!

panda and i are honored, though. because our wedding … and, therefore, a slice of our life, has been featured in Honolulu Magazine. some time ago, our awesome photographer, Geralyn Camarillo, was asked by Honolulu Magazine if she had shot any civil union ceremonies since they were legally recognized in Hawai’i as of January 1, 2012. Geralyn asked if she could share moments from our wedding with the magazine, and the magazine asked if they could share one of the pictures with their readers … so, here it is!

Honolulu Magazine – Civil Unions in Hawaii

slow progress is horribly frustrating to me. i’m not a patient woman. and i don’t understand why anyone else feels that they have the right to tell my wife and i that our commitment, our love, our family is not worthy of the same rights and recognition that straight couples have. but, as frustrating as it is on a daily basis to witness and listen to the rhetoric that surrounds same-sex marriage and civil rights, i am also uplifted and hopeful as i witness the strides, recognition, acceptance and visibility that other members of the LGBTQ community achieve. in toronto (cold country! good lord!!) a lesbian couple chose to share a momentous moment in their life with the public at a hockey game. on the ice (and the big screen) a woman in love asked her beloved to marry her … cheers broke out, faces were smiling and a kiss sealed the deal.

Hockey Proposal

yep, we are everywhere and we are tired of being relegated to the dark and in between the curtains. we are taking center stage and celebrating our our love and families the way that everyone else does. if that worries you or scares you, talk to us. get to know us. stop judging us and, if you simply can’t or won’t accept it, keep your mouth shut. and if you do accept … if you know that we all deserve the respect and recognition that is due, then say it to others. speak up for us, because we need as many people as possible affirming, accepting and advocating for marriage equality and human respect.

*sigh* there was a little bit of a soap box that i was standing on, huh? oh well … it’ thursday … here’s hoping that it is a spectacular one for you and yours!!


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