home sweet home … and sharks in the water!!

well, we’re home and all is well. everyone is {slowly} getting back into the rhythm of daily life after our travels, health hiccups and work conferences and responsibilities. there were some crazy times in airports,short visits with long-missed friends, long phone calls between panda and mama usually with the same refrain, “is it time for all of us to be home yet?”

on friday evening, the sun set in hawaii with the whole APLS ‘ohana tucked into our respective beds. of course, we couldn’t just give ourselves time to relax before jumping into another insane week, so panda and mama had a conference to attend on saturday while shortstack hung our with our favorite aussie aunty (aunty kylie ROCKS!!). sunday was downtime … sort of (i ABSOLUTELY HATE costco at iwilei!) before we all jumped back into the craziness of our work/school week again. soccer practice has started for the family again … actually, panda had 2 practices under her belt before we even got home. yes, she is quite an amazing mama! trying to corral six 6-year-old boys into some semblance of order so that a soccer ball could be kicked around and foundational skills can be taught is an exercise in patience and enthusiasm. may i just say that i married the BEST woman in the world?!?

we haven’t been the only traveling, crazy-busy member of the family.  my dad-in-law (and, yes, i got the best deal on in-laws as well!!) is a passionate diver master who enjoys his travels on dive excursions. well, it appears that his latest adventure took him FAR too close to an oceanic predator. yep, dad went for one of his dives and came face-to-face with a tiger shark. now, i won’t go into my natural reactions to his insanity of going on these {OBVIOUSLY} DANGEROUS excursions, but i do have to share the picture with you. now, i’m an animal lover. truly, i am. panda will tell you that there is rarely a day that passes during which i don’t make some comment about acquiring some sort of animal to join my imaginary and diverse collection of furry, fuzzy family members. but, this animal? NOPE! don’t want it! don’t like it! don’t want it to be within photography distance of any of my family members … thank you very much! oh well, i guess dad has yet to learn to stay away from animals that are capable of taking a large bite out of his body and therefore upsetting his daughter-in-law! all the while, panda tries to remind me that i don’t run the world and i have to relax. oh well … i guess she has yet to learn that that is as likely to happen as me adopting a tiger shark to join our menagerie!

has anyone else noticed that this picture was taken in the dark??


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