NASPA 2012 … Phoenix, AZ … here i am!

AND … *exhale* … here i am! see me? yes, i’m really here! it’s been quite a while since i’ve sat in this space. what can i say? life took over ~ as it does for all of us. then there were work deadlines, sinus infections, soccer gatherings, birthdays to celebrate, travels to get ready for, planes that were delayed, flights that were run to, vegas casinos that hosted us, old friends to catch up with. FINALLY! here i am! at the 2012 NASPA conference in Phoenix, AZ … my old stomping grounds. sort of. well, in downtown Phx … which was never really known to me since i lived and worked up north. but there’s some comfort at being in a city i’m familiar with.

NASPA … Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education … the largest national association of student affairs peeps in the country … possibly the world. well, not that the world in general approaches student affairs as the US does (hmmm … interesting research possibly). i have been so excited about this conference … and about the opportunities that it may present to me personally, academically  and professionally. you see, i’ve been in a bit of a career burn-out slump lately. and i’ve needed to find a way to become reenergized about what it is i have chosen to do and what i feel i’m called to do. and sometimes, being surrounded by thousands of people who have the same career calling is the best medicine for the slumps.

but, of course, i’m nervous … i’m attending this conference independently of my institution and therefore am here without fellow colleagues that i am familiar with. there is definitely no comfort zone right now … which is good for me. in fact, it’s perfect for me. so, my goal today is to be open to all … to learning, meeting, absorbing, observing, connecting. which, as i type this, reminds me that this is what our goals are in student affairs. hmmm … the rejuvenation is already beginning? very possibly!

well, my friends … i hope that your day finds you open to connecting, learning, absorbing, observing, being, giving and KNOWING that i’m thankful you’re in my life! sorry … just had to throw some mush in there since it’s been awhile since i’ve been here! =)

have a GREAT one!


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