thursday thoughts …

~ how i HATE being sick!! besides feeling crappy and having no energy, a sick me is somewhat similar to a sick 2-year-old … whining, whimpering, feeling sorry for myself and all. (poor panda! she’s been a trooper)

~ i am not a fan of doctors, but i’m starting to think that i’m going to voluntarily make my way to one in the near future. these migraines are getting ridiculous and i’m sick (pun not originally intended) of dealing with them

~ so … considering the first two thoughts, it shouldn’t be that amazing to find that my health – and panda’s – has been on my mind. i can confidently say that i am in the worst shape i have ever been in my life. not something i’m proud of … but truth. so i’ve been taking small mental steps to try to change things. yes … i know, mental steps does not result in physical transformation … for the most part. but for myself, i need to mull things over – figure out why i’m feeling or doing or not doing – before i can change things. so in this mulling over phase, i find myself making daily visits here. i know myself well enough to understand that i will never be successful in depriving myself, so saying good-bye to certain foods forever isn’t in the cards for me, but Kris Carr’s site has some great holistic tips that give me even more to mull over

~ i do love the word, “mull” …

~ this is going to be a weekend of soccer! yes, that is a STRANGE sentence to be typed by my fingers, but what can i say? i married a soccer peep and, apparently, gave birth to one as well. so, we’re headed off to the Hawaiian Islands Invitational. i’m not sure what to expect. thus far, my exposure to soccer has included beer-drinking, pupu-eating afternoons at the field after manda’s peeps are pau OR VERY EARLY saturday AMs watching shortstack and 4 of his friends play 3-on-3 games (more so, entertainment for mama) while drinking a lot of coffee. so, i’ll keep you posted … fingers crossed that i won’t get in a trouble for a soccer-watching faux-pas (which seems inevitable)

~ speaking of fingers crossed … i have mine crossed for a few professional opportunities to manifest. don’t want to jinx myself, but i have realized lately how emotionally tied i am to my career, so it is one of my priorities this year to create for myself a professional world that nurtures, excites and inspires me at a school that i feel invested in

~ i am intrigued by this book. Jack Kornfield is on to something, i think … but i’m only three chapters in so we’ll see how possible it is to make it applicable to my life … but my journal entry this AM was the first mantra that he put forth, “may you be held in compassion. may your pain and sorrow be eased. may you be at peace.”

~ our AMAZING photographer (and sweet-soul friend) sent us the DVD with our wedding pix last week. Hokuli’i Images (Geralyn Camarillo) is so blessed with the gift of capturing and translating the precious moments of a family’s special day into a photograph. every time i browse through our pictures, i am ASTOUNDED by the amazingness of that day and how special we felt … thanks to the love and hard work of our peeps

~ i currently have 4 pairs of shoes under my desk at work and NONE of them are remotely comfortable … thanking my angels that being in bare feet is not unusual here in hawaii!

and now, my friends … here are a few random images that have been making me smile today …


hope you’re all feeling good and keeping smile on your face …


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