thursday thoughts …

~ ummmm … it was 63* this AM when we were supposed to crawl out of bed. now, i know for many of you, 63* is warm and toasty. after all, many of you who are dealing with snow, bitterly cold weather and the such would find 63* shorts and t-shirt weather. i just want you all to consider for a moment that here in hawaii, we rarely see the 60’s … in any shape or form. anything below 70* is justification for jeans, boots, parkas and heaters. we don’t have temperature control in our hawaii houses, so house-wide heating is really not an option for those rare and unwelcome below-70*, dark AMs. convincing my cozy family … much less myself … to get out of bed and start the day was not an easy task. but we did it! everyone made it up, dressed and out of the house … only to get into the car all bundled up and put the heaters on … only to get into our respective offices, still all bundled up, and put our space heaters on. yes, you read that right. space heaters. no, i will not try to justify that here. just trust me on it!

~ it has been a week of major movement and accomplishments for LGBTQ families! WA approved marriage equality for all families; Prop 8 has, AGAIN, been ruled unconstitutional, CNN has suspended commentator Roland Martin and here in hawaii, a lesbian couple is asking for the state to explain why LGBTQ families do not deserve the same benefits and recognition that straight families are granted. sometimes the progress seems to monumental, but when we take a step back and realize how ridiculous and prehistoric it is of society to be homophobic and discriminatory, it is frustrating and emotionally exhausting. so, i keep reminding myself of the major strides that have been made in such a short amount of time and keep my fingers crossed that soon we will be able to say that my family enjoys the same rights, recognition and responsibilities that heterosexual families are blessed with.

~ this week is ridiculously long. for some reason, thursdays are the most frustrating day of the week for me … totally made it over the hump but just not yet the weekend yet!

~ i want this. it’s a fact! the filipino genes tend to manifest through a shoe and bag addiction!!

~ my coffee tastebuds are changing … i used to the straight-up black and strong during the week and weekends were all about the fun version (flavored creamers or just jumping into the irish cream … if there’s whip cream in the fridge, then – HELLO! – bring it on!!) but for the past couple of weeks, weekday coffee has been letting me down a bit … i’ve been craving my weekend fun … or maybe i’m just craving my weekends … hmmmm …

~ i wish my home had the quiet quaintness of Alicia Paulson’s home … until that actually happens (i’m really not holding my breath) i love taking a few minutes our of my AM to visit her world.

~ i LOVE what i do in my job … when it comes to dealing with my students. sometimes having a crying jag with one of my students is the best way to reset my dedication to being a student affairs professional

~ it was a lifetime ago, but every once in a while, my feet start pointing and flexing as if warming up for a ballet class … ahhhh … old habits die hard …

~ today’s goal: drink more water, go for a walk and clear off {at least} 3 files from my desk. setting the bar high!!

~ crock-pot chili dinner tonight with my FAVORITE thesis advisor … okay, my only thesis advisor … but she’s my FAVORITE without a doubt!

it's all about the LOVE ...

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