super bowl – super fun – super slow

i love super bowl sunday. this seems to surprise a lot of people, but i enjoy football. seriously! i do!! there is something so satisfying and cathartic about full-contact sports. i keep telling panda, if only all other sports were full-contact, i would be more likely to find them interesting. for some strange reason, she gives me an exasperated look and says, “OOOOKAAAYYY, lisa ….” oh well!

this is the first super bowl sunday in over 5 years that the party was in a space that i could lay some claim to. i loved every moment of it!! super bowl sunday is an excuse for me to play with recipes, shop for unhealthy food and yummy alcoholic indulgences, stay in my pjs and cheer unabashedly for anyone who defeated or needs to defeat the patriots, catch up with friends and consume a ridiculous amount of purely unhealthy calories all in the name of hedonistic culinary and lazy pleasures!

the weekend started with shopping trips to costco and our local farmer’s market … as pretty as the farmers market is i, of course, only took a picture of the vodka bottle … hmmm … i wonder what kind of comment that makes about panda and i …

costco shopping included a super bowl staple .... and isn't it just such a pretty bottle?

one of the reasons i’m addicted to blogs is because i am inherently nosy (or is it nosey? spelling was never my strong suit). i love having permissible peeks into other people’s lives and homes. especially because, in my reality, our home will never be so prettily quaint, neat, tidy or composed. for example, THIS is what my kitchen table looked like during food prep on super bowl sunday …

yep! tidiness doesn't really exist in the APLS household. oh well ... it works for us!

of course, before the food prep and furniture rearrangement (another idiosyncrasy that panda tolerates with such grace) was done, i had a few minutes to prop my feet up and soak up the enjoyment of our awesome super-cool super-big tv (sorry, peeps, i have no idea how big it is … but shortstack never fails to point out that our last tv was SOOOOOOO tiny in comparison). thanks to my awesome brother-in-law, our tv has become an enjoyable member of our household. yeah, yeah … i’m a reader and i want our kid to be a reader, but i’m also a bit of a documentary and tv series (bones, NCIS, top chef, iron chef, DDD, etc …) addict. so i’m enjoying it as much as anyone else!

wondering if i should keep the couch and tv to myself ...

then it was time to cook. super bowl menu: chili (with nacho or rice options), fresh guac (michi did a great assembly job, even if she and avos have a major aversion to one another), a couple homemade dips (one mix by the name of “dip shit” … thanks, jeannie! it was deliciouso!!), pigs in a blanket (panda’s creation … and they were the first dish that disappeared!), pork adobo (ummm … aunty nelda is my culinary idol! you should try her flan!! actually, no! no, you should NOT try her flan! i’m NOT good at sharing.), the most-rocking-est chinese chicken salad mis (joy and michi know that i’m infatuated with the salad mix from sam’s club), random chips and whatever other treats that were dug up from our pantry. if nothing else, super bowl sunday is a good day to empty out the food stash.

making chili is an excuse for throwing a bit of everything that is on the spice shelf into the pot

i’ve found the PERFECT use for the leftover pot roast broth (from crock-pot pot roast dinners). freeze the leftover broth and use it as the liquid for the chili. there is SO MUCH flavor in that broth! OOOHHH!! and i tried something new … candied jalapenos!! seriously, if you like spicy at all, you need to try this out! check out my throw-together recipe below (thanks to tasty kitchen for the inspiration!)

a stove-ful of YUMMMINESS!!!

candied jalapenos …

slice up a bunch of jalapenos into medallions

throw them in a saucepan with 2 parts sugar and 1 part h2o

add in a splash or two of apple cider and a drizzle of honey

simmer until it comes to a light boil and then turn it down til the liquid reduces to your desired consistency

after it cools off a bit, put in a jar and fill with liquid. keep in the fridge. eat in and on everything!!

OOOHHH!! and use the leftover liquid as the base for your wings sauce! seriously delicious!! just melt some (or a stick) of butter into the leftover liquid. drizzle in a few dollops of shiracha, honey and whatever bbq sauce you have on hand. continue to simmer and reduce. after you broil off your wings, dip them one-by-one into the sauce. it’s the PERFECT balance of sweet and hot! just like me!! =) hahahahhahaha!!! sorry, just had to throw that in there!

ahhhh … super bowl sunday. how i miss you and excitedly await your return! if you could just be sure to NOT have the pats in the next lineup, i’d appreciate it!!


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