NY Giants … deserve a GIANT smack on the lips for a job well done!!

ok … i’m not really a giants fan. actually, my be candidly honest, my allegiance to football teams is fairly fickle. and i’m okay with that. despite my fickleness, there is one football team that will NEVER have my allegiance and who, whenever they lose, i will celebrate LOUDLY and FERVENTLY!! yes, ANYTIME that the patriots lose, i will be a happy camper!!! so, you can imagine the level of celebration in our living room yesterday when the oh-so-arrogant-and-pompous patriots with their scraggly-sweatshirt-wearing, snooty coach lost. in a game they probably should have won. OH! the sweet sounds of satisfaction that reverberated through our home. we had a whole bunch of casual-football-watching, superbowl-sunday-indulging peeps over yesterday. many of them were cheering against the pats rather than for the giants. but that worked for us!!! it was a beautiful moment when that last pass was incomplete and you could see brady’s shoulders collapse!! AHHHHHH… *sigh*

okay … i’m pau with my gloating. at least for now. please forgive any other little celebrations that you may see happening in the corner as i, every-once-in-a-while, do a little two-step in happiness. i know, i know! karma is a two-way street, but there has to be a little celebration at least!!

SOOOO … moving on … panda and i have come to the conclusion that shortstack’s wife (if i ever allow him to marry) is doomed to nights of very little sleep and practically no space in the bed. you see, shortstack is what some call an “active sleeper”. the boy can sleep through a tsunami … in fact, he HAS slept through a tsunami … with an emergency siren blaring 8 times through one night less than a mile from our home. but more than that, shortstack makes 360* trips throughout the night. it sometimes amazes me how he ends up in his various positions. to make matters worse, the boy … all 43 lbs of him, can take up a queen-size bed all by himself. every once in a while he wants to crawl in bed with panda and i for some family chill time, but panda and i know that is a recipe for DISASTER ! if, for any reason, we all fall asleep, we know that within hours, we will both be awake pushed to our respective sides of our bed, given a mere 6 inches of space, while shortstack is planked between the two of us an snoring happily away.

now, many of the aunties laugh when we talk about this. there’s often the look of “he’s too cute, he’d never do that.” i just want to take a moment to provide proof that he does! yep, here it is people … this is the wondrous, wily, wild, sleeping monster who steals the bed and makes trips to-and-fro in his sleep …

ohhhh ... his poor wife-to-be
how on earth is this comfortable for his shoulders??
even on the floor, he manages to take up more than his share of space
sleeping at the foot of our bed because he just wanted to watch a little bit of tv ...
i don't understand how this position is even remotely comfortable!
this is what we found one night after we told him he could crash in our bed til we came in
sometimes panda just doesn't get to bed quick enough and she loses her place


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