Dragon in the House!

The year of the dragon has rolledin and shortstack is having a blast celebrating its arrival! In school andamong our network of friends, the Chinese Zodiac and Astrology are observed andhonored. For many reasons, Hawai’i is an amazing place to raise a family, butone of the aspects that I value the most is the intercultural exposure thatshortstack is surrounded by. Over the past two weeks, shortstack’s class hasbeen exploring the year of the dragon and how the Chinese culture acknowledgesand honors this passage of time and new year. They have crafted their owndragon heads, learned and exchanged the proper New Year’s greetings in Chinese,and read and wrote their own stories about the Dragon dance parades. 
our little dragon has a might RAWR!!!

The year of the dragon is said to be a luckyyear and fortuitous for many people. Our little ‘ohana includes a Rooster(shortstack), a tiger (Panda) and a rabbit (Mama); supposedly, all of us are tohave a prosperous and love-filled year with expectations of successes providedthat we are diligent in our work and efforts. WOOHOO!! That’s the kind ofhoroscopes that make me smile!

I don’t know how watertight horoscopescan be, but I do know that I possess many of the traits that rabbit-born peopleare said to have. Pisces is my western astrological sign, and I definitely embodymany Piscean traits as well. So, this family-loving, easily-distracted,indulgence-seeking, book-reading, creative-aspiring, emotional and expressivehomebody is hoping that this year proves to be filled with the good fortunethat is predicted. But if it isn’t, as long as my family and friends surroundme, our home remains our haven and I can make a mess in the kitchen whenever Iwish, I’ll consider it a year well-spent. 

Here’s tohoping that this dragon year is filled with good fortune and amazing adventuresfor you and yours!
Althougha little late (no one said that rabbits ran on-time!), gung hei faat choi!

shortstack’s got some rhythm!



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