adults-only weekend

shortstack is camping with his dad this weekend … that means that panda and i have an adults-only honeymoon 3-day weekend that we get to enjoy … together … alone … stay-up-late, wake-up-late, maybe-stay-in-our-pjs kind of weekend. seriously!! and we’re not quite sure what to do with ourselves!!

i’m sure that we’re not the only parentals that rarely get the only-us-time, so when we do it’s a bit of a struggle to not just fall into bed at 7:34 pm and sleep until 7:34 am without having to think about homework, dinner, cleaning up, packing lunches, getting breakfast, finding missing shoes, corralling lunch bags, etc., etc …

and so we went TOTALLY out of our comfort zone last night and met up with friends (our aussie contingent) for drinks and dinner … AT 7 PM!!!!! okay … that may not sound too amazing to y’all , but to us, that is REVOLUTIONARY!!! you see … shortstack’s bedtime is 7:30 … that means that at 7 pm, baths are being rushed, pjs are being rummaged for, fish are being fed and the ongoing bargaining for bedtime stories is being conducted. 7:30 is the clean-up, lights-out, collapse-on-the-couch for a few minutes time frame. WOOHOO!!! we’re adults on-our-own!!!

with 3 days ahead of us of alone-time, we are giddy with possibilities … we’ll likely end up chillin around the house, but just to stretch that comfort zone a bit more, we are planning a date … an honest-to-goodness, get-dressed-up, make-reservations, sit-at-a-table-with-china-and-linen date!!! i’ll fill you in next week. but until then, enjoy your weekend and find some time to grab your honey (if you have one) for a few minutes of us-time. if you’re running solo, grab a few minutes to sit with yourself and enjoy some peace!

AND … just because i can … here’s another little peek at our APLS WEEDING WEEKEND ADVENTURE!!

 our aussie crew rocked their aloha wear … we know that kylie and sim will be wearing their muumuus weekly when then get back to aussie-land!!
for those that departed early … there was some panda-provided entertainment. it is possible that there’s a little bit of filipino in my woman … she’s a sucker for karaoke ~ especially if there’s a dj that will provide her with bohemian rhapsody (and, depending on how much alcohol is consumed, baby got back just might make an appearance as well).

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