## up until this week, i have used my lunch hour to write, edit, read, research, re-write, re-read, re-edit and re-research for my thesis. this week, though, i have my first taste of freedom since i started this job. YAY!! i feel a little guilty for not doing homework or writing about soul-wrenching (for me) topics. so, to alleviate that guilt, i picked up a book i’ve been wanting to finish for a few years and a caramel brulee latte … *giggle* … good lord! i love NOT being a student!

 ## and here’s pic of the CO girls that made their way from the chilly country of CO to our warm and balmy country in the middle of the pacific … unfortunately, they decided to bring the cold, wind and rain with them so they didn’t get to partake of the balmy weather … but we did get to enjoy a few days of hanging out (per shortstack’s request), volleyball, eating and imbibing … all good!

aunty jamie, aunti mollie, panda and mama … getting cozy and posing for shortstack’s photography practice

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