weekend recap

for some reason, even during the slow times, we’re crazy busy. but i am DETERMINED that things WILL slow down VERY SOON!!! see all those caps? that’s me willing it to be so!

this past weekend involved friends, regional volleyball games, rainy beaches, drinks and carb-loaded food, wedding dresses, shopping lists and some mild stress of what has yet to be.

* we had some CO girls out here visiting us/working/playing hooky. it was ALL GOOD! thanks to our jobs, our lives and the social butterfly-ness of my ohana, we have friends from all over – some are panda’s, some are mine, some are shortstack’s …. but when they are introduced to the whole family, we tend to just take them in. unfortunately, our CO girls felt the need to bring the cold and wet weather with them …

shortstack & aunty mollie … yes, we know the focus is a bit one-sided 

* UH wahine (women – for our non-hawaii peeps) volleyball team were playing in the NCAA regionals this weekend … friday night we faced USC … and they played hard … but we still lost. so not good! like, lisa-is-crying-at-the-end-of-the-game not good.

* some of us took a good, long nap during the volleyball game

* it was the 1st weekend in a SUPER LONG TIME that we could enjoy without the thought of writing, editing, reading, researching, data collection, coding, analyses, etc., etc., etc. … hanging over our head. so after a saturday of shopping, driving, cold-beach swimming, eating and plain ole’ hanging out together, we headed into a sunday of cooler-packing potlucking with some soccer friends … (yes, soccer friends. yes, you read that on my blog. yes, i wrote that of my own volition!) 

 cooler packed and ready to go, books stacked and ready to entertain …
* i have a stack of books to get to now that i don’t have to worry about anything academic. this one was ordered and received but was kept in the box on a shelf per panda’s instructions and under her wacthful eyes until i got my thesis in and classes done. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!!
so, the book stayed next to me all weekend, but for some reason, tv-vegging was prioritized
* we did a costco run and started the fridge cleaning … had some garlic that needed to be used so i roasted up a HUGE batch … well, i thought it was huge. last night i noticed that it never makes quite as much as i think it does.
 roasted garlic w/ olive oil, balsamic vinegar and sea salt … goes well in and on ANYTHING!!
now it’s a sunday monday and we’re back to the grind. only a few short weeks and christmas will be upon us. where the heck did this year go?? here’s to hoping that all of you are having a spectacular day … get through it … .75 days down and 4.25 left to go!


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