my peace? your peace? want a piece?

i can’t control what is beyond my control. therefore i should be at peace with what i can control and let go of what i can’t control. right? but, sometimes holding onto that piece of peace is difficult.
unfortunately, there are people in my life who are saturated with hatefulness, prejudice and homophobia. and, unfortunately, those people – who once were very important to me – are not at all hesitant in passing on that hatefulness to our son. because of that, i find myself in a place where i have to manage my son’s relationship with someone who is very important to and loved by him but is very toxic to our family. so i walk the line, do what i think is best as a mama, let go of a life-long relationship and try to find my piece of peace with it.
here’s to hoping that you find your piece of peace today …

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