live it to the full …

i’m taking a because-i-can, why-the-heck-not, self-reflection, virtually-anonymous course online this month. nope … it is in no way academic. it is totally and purely self-indulgent. i’ve been reflecting A LOT over the past several years about self-authentication and personal purpose in this big, bad world. as i was browsing the my blog roll a couple of months ago, i stumbled across this website and i was tempted to sign up for this course. something to help me reconnect with my latent creativity? some sort of guidance to walk my inside-out emotional rollercoaster (or at least attempt to corral it) through the multitude of transitions that have occurred in my life over the past 6 years? sign me up!! i’m IN!!!

and so it began today. lord knows what it will do for/to me … whether or not i’ll stick with it … how i will feel about it … but, for now, i’m intrigued … so i’ll keep y’all posted.

right now, my eyes are barely open. shortstack and panda are crashed out for the night. there’s a pile of dirty dishes that will likely still be dirty in the AM … so good nite y’all. sweetest sleep to all of you …

i wish we all could sleep like little boys … nite, everyone … 

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