at the starting gate …

ummm … in case you didn’t get the memo, summer is over. yep! shorstack is heading back to school tomorrow, panda begins her crazy fall rush tomorrow and i … well, i am still in the midst of my summer-fall-where-was-the-vacation insanity.

the house is quite quiet right now. panda’s resting and hoping her body will get rid of the sore-throat bug before her fall-semester-student-meetings, shortstack is chillin’ and playing til mama is ready to hit the park, and here i am … after a quick AM farmer’s market jaunt … ready for a nap.

summer wasn’t slow for us this year. i had hopes … but, well, it just didn’t happen. i had dreams of cleaning and scrubbing out the fridge, reorganizing closets, replanting an herb garden, lazy picnics on long afternoons … it just didn’t happen. but it was a GOOD summer. knee surgeries and healing, wedding planning, visits with ohana, and progress on my thesis. i guess we can’t complain. but that doesn’t mean i’m ready for the fall craziness!

anyhow … here’s to hoping that all of you are enjoying your sunday AM rituals … have a spectacular day!!

these guys got it right … find your bliss on this beautiful sunday AM! =)

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