blissful bits from a weekend of celebration

sometimes you just need a comfy place to take a break and change your perspective … 
apparently, panda’s foot was the choice spot!
it was panda’s birthday weekend and we wanted to do it up right! only problem is, i’m not all that great at bday planning … so, with a little help (ok, major help) from multiple peeps, we were able to celebrate panda’s day in a deservedly celebratory manner! but, instead of feeding y’all all the details, i just want to share some blissful bits for a weekend done well …
  • friday’s holiday gave me the time needed to prep some ono food for ELES imu fundraiser … gotta love me some kalua pork (garlic rosemary, ginger orange and traditional), kalua beef and kalua chicken … yummy leftovers!
  • mama missed saturday soccer AM, but panda and shortstack had a great time, and shortstack found a comfortable seat on panda’s foot during practice breaks 
  • PARTY!PARTY!PARTY!! well, a “low-key” birthday dinner with 24 of our closest peeps at ye old spaghetti factory at ward … if you’re looking for the best waiter in town, hit up daniel … he was THE calmest, coolest, most collected waiter i’ve seen in a long time! that man earned every penny he made that night!!
  • ice cream birthday cake and a houseful of hanai family until midnight 
  • easter bunny’s arrival was LOUDLY proclaimed by shortstack at 6:30 sunday AM (may i mention that he only slept 6 hours saturday night??!?)
  • panda’s official bday was on sunday, so we had another special bday gift to open … hopefully travel will be a bit more enjoyable with her new noise-elimination headphones 
  • soccer sunday … fun and sun with soccer peeps
  • new easter traditions … dinner at kona brewing … beautiful setting, ono food and awesome company!! simply can’t complain …
we hope your easter weekend was blessed and blissful as well … have yourselves a sunshiny week!

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