will you civil union me?

CHEE HOO!!!  i am so proud of my state today!! we have just received word that Hawaii has reached two MAJOR milestones in LGBTQ rights:

1) the honorable Sabrina McKenna has been confirmed to hawaii’s highest court. she is an open and out lesbian who has a long-time relationship with her partner with whom she has several children
2) civil unions for all gay and het couples have been approved by the legislature and is moving on to the governor for his signature into law

whether or not people agree about whether or not LGBTQ marriage is “moral”, i believe that any rational person must recognize that – if you remove the religious lens – LGBTQ couples cannot rightfully be denied the right to marriage. i am somewhat in shock that we have finally achieved a previously-unknown level of equality. my family and i will be celebrating tonight! i hope that you will join us …


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