a lovely day of love …

i’m not a lover of valentine’s day … in fact, i have always found it quite ironic that lovers need to single out one day to remind their other halves that they are loved. nope! not for me!! besides, paying 600% more for flowers that will die within days anyhow seems absolutely stupid to me!!

don’t get me wrong … i’m not a pessimist when it comes to love itself … in fact, just the opposite is true! it is simply impossible for me to not believe in love when i am surrounded by it EVERY DAY. my beautiful woman and precious son definitely make the first sleepy-eyed morning moments much more bearable with hugs and kisses – all before the first hits of coffee make their way into my system … yep!! THAT is true love!!

but i’ve definitely come to realize that mama-hood requires some unforeseen and completely unexpected sacrifices … such as celebrating ridiculous holidays and there for perpetuating the insanity of valentine’s day in all future generations! thankfully, i have a woman who also finds the valentines day hoopla more than a little insane. so, when shortstack came home with a list of names of his fellow classmates the week before valentines day, we realized that there is an unspoken, implicit expectation that we will celebrate inane holidays simply because the majority of people do. and, to make matters crazier, shortstack was TOTALLY jazzed about valentines day … so there we were, having to figure out what type of goodies can we put together to celebrate a commercial day of love without feeding into the ridiculousness of it … *enter my brilliant woman* yep! she is truly brilliant … “what about post-it notes and pencils?” reading it, it seems unexciting … but you need to take a moment and see the brilliance of this idea … we are celebrating valentines because shortstack super wants to, but we don’t feed into the commercial insanity by purchasing packaged valentines cards, candies, anything with hearts on it (which, by the way, i am horribly opposed to heart-shaped objects … it think that they look stupid … but that’s just my little opinion)! so off we went and created 20 little goodie bags with colored post-it notes and mechanical pencils … no sugar highs can be contributed to our goodie bags of love!!! woohoo!! celebrating this crazy day of love ain’t that bad.

so, what did i do to show our shortstack how much he is loved?? we woke him up with a special breakfast of somewhat-heart-shaped pancakes. i guess, until he’s old enough to realize that real hearts really aren’t shaped like this “<3” then i’ll humor him and cupid. all of that aside, it doesn’t hurt to remind my family that they are loved and cherished … i just hope that i will never have to depend on this one day of the year to do so …

this is how we roll in the apls home …
this is how everyday love looks to me … 

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